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  2. Information of Interest. Ignition Interlock Devices: Effective August 16, 2014, the Department has contracted with multiple vendors to provide statewide Ignition.

Access Exclusive Train Driver Training Links & Advice. Before going any further I suggest you download and save the following: – (3. RS2. 2) – well worth reading– (3. This document is now defunct but is still worth reading– (3. This Railway Group Standard are issued by the RSSB and mandate training and safety requirements for train drivers and the managers. Annoyingly, these documents are regularly moved so that the above links will not work. When this happens click here and search for the document you want using the numbers given in brackets above).

You will probably also want to download copies of the various parts of the Network Rail Rule Book (You need broadband for this). Training. No one who went there can fail to remember such appalling places as Crewe or Waterloo South Side, with rain coming through the roof and chalk- dust on every surface.

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One of the benefits of privatisation is that many TOCs have opened shiny new training academies with proper facilities, audio- visual training aids and usually a canteen. You can expect to be in a small class of about twelve trainees. You should approach your training in a sober and professional manner. Train companies cut long serving staff a lot of slack but not newbies. They are pretty strict in the way they conduct their Driver Training Courses and you will be expected to turn up in good time each day, be well dressed, have all the materiel you need and get back from lunch punctually.

You will generally not be allowed leave whilst training – so any holidays you may have booked before landing your new job will fall by the wayside. You did take out holiday cancellation insurance, didn’t you? Train driving consists of four main components: 1 Knowledge of Rules & Regulations 2 Knowledge of Traction 3 Train Handling 4 Route Knowledge. The system of training naturally reflects this. Rules, traction and train handling are the three main parts of the course proper. The fourth, route learning, will certainly be touched on during training (especially if you happen to do your Handling Training over routes you will be working as a driver) but most of which only takes place after you have passed out. The training today is mostly based on the Driver 2.

MP1. 2 and revolves around the Network Rail Rule Book. There are moves afoot to introduce a National Standard drivers’ course along the lines of the S/NVQ which will result in the award of a Train Driver’s Certificate of Competence. However the EU has plans to introduce a licence, if it ever happens). Training Shedule. You will also be issued with all the publications and training materiel and personal equipment you will need.

This is followed by Personal Track Safety (PTS) training based on Section G2 (Personal Safety) of the Rule Book: Here you learn the essentials of managing your safety when working on or near the line. One of the first things is to learn are the names of the various parts of the railway – lineside, cess, four- foot, six- foot, ten- foot, refuge etc. Then you need to learn how to use high- visibility clothing, what lineside signs mean, what constitutes a position of safety, know how to ascertain the line speed, from which direction trains can approach on each track and how to contact the Signaller.

You learn where you should and shouldn. Even though train drivers don. Tempa T New Day Free Mp3 Download.

There will be overhead (Section AC) and third- rail electrification (Section DC) systems to learn about. You need to know what the various components are called, how to behave in an electrified environment, how to contact the Electrical Control Operator, get the current turned off and deal with emergencies involving electrification equipment. After all this you will pass out on PTS. It is essential to do this first so that you can go out on the track. Train drivers do not have individual PTS cards as the qualification is included in the Train Driver’s Certificate of Competence.

Additionally, some companies may give you training in first- aid and fire fighting. Click here for a film about personal line safety (Warning: the start of this film is a bit graphic!). Personal Track Safety. Weeks 2 to 5. You will be briefed by a Driver Manager, be instructed on cab etiquette and be given a Trainee. This book details your work on the course and will be maintained by your instructors and yourself. For about three days each week you will undertake cabs rides with senior drivers to familiarise you with your future working environment.

There will be visits to a Power.