The 1. 1 Best i. Phone Photo- Editing Apps. If the i. Phone weren't a phone, it still would be a pretty awesome camera. Not only does the Apple shooter sport an excellent 8- megapixel 3. GPS can tag your photos' precise location, and its wireless connectivity means you can send your photos from anywhere anytime. Software developers of i.

IPhone / iPad; Android; Resources. 10 Video Editing Apps. 10 Best Video Editing Apps for. KineMaster is a versatile Android video editing app that provides users with a rich array. 10 best iPhone camera and photo editing apps; 10 best iPhone.

Phone apps have taken these capabilities and run with them. The best- known of this is no doubt Instagram, which combines artistic and retro filter effects with its own picture- specific social network. Instagram packages these two sides in a super appealing interface that makes added effects to photos a cinch and discovering other users' pictures addictive.

Although Instagram may be the most popular, it was hardly the first i. Phone photo app with similar capabilities, and others have been following apace, hoping to unseat its hegemony.

Best video editing apps for iPhone. Ally Kazmucha/The App Factor. If you edit a lot of video and you. Download Magisto Video Editor & Movie Maker and enjoy it. 9 Best Professional Video Editing. Video Editor Movie Maker and Multi Camera Film Edit Effects Slideshow Music Editing Credits App ( iPhone + iPad)-One of the.

What Is The Best Video Editing App For Iphone

Our list will include both apps with strong editing features and those with strong social plays. But we're most interested in which apps give you the most possibilities for creating striking images. Every one of the apps here can add interest to your pictures by applying filters. Of course the whole filter concept started with Adobe's flagship Photoshop desktop application. And special mention goes to Adobe Photoshop Touch, which not only has some filters, but brings some cool Photoshop capabilities to your handheld, such as the magic wand selection, layers, healing brush, and clone stamp. Although this app does things no others can, it's not our first choice among i. Phone photo- editing apps, since it lacks basic tools like red- eye correction and leveling.

The main criterion for choosing a photo- editing app is whether you only want to quickly gussy up your image and share it right away—in which case an Instagram- style app is what you're looking for—or you're willing to spend the time to perfect it using a full- featured app. Whichever camp you fall into, our roundup below will help you make the decision. FEATURED IN THIS STORY: Adobe Photoshop Touch $4. Price% at %seller%. From the maker of the applications that started it all, Photoshop, comes this remarkable powerful photo retouching, adjusting, and enhancing app for the i. Phone. It does things no other i. Phone photo app can do, using tools not found elsewhere, including the beloved Magic Wand, Healing Brush, and Clone Stamp tools.

A nice assortment of effect filters round out the toolset. All this in a surprisingly useable and touch- friendly interface, though the i. Phone's small screen size isn't ideal for this kind of advanced editing. Like Photoshop, it lets you create images in layers, but it lacks some basics like red- eye removal and leveling. Brushes pop up for local corrections to brightness, color, sharpness, red- eye, and more. Swatches roll up to offer you filter looks for your photos. There's even a protractor that levels the image as you tilt the phone!

The app finishes by offering all the sharing options you could want, and adds its own Journal option—web- based galleries you can share. The program (for some reason such a full- featured app seems deserving of that moniker) includes all the photo editing tools you could want- -brightness, contrast, colors cropping, and those ubiquitous filters.

The easy- to- use, customizable interface takes you through the steps needed to correct, enhance, and share your photos out to social networks and email. A funny extra called . Once you're done, you can upload your work directly to Walgreens for pro printing. It does offer a lot for free, including basic photo editing tools than Instagram, including white balance, leveling, fill light, and sharpening. It also includes the Instagram/Photoshop- style effect filters.

But with so many goals, the app is unwieldy, a sort of jack of all trades and master of none. But it doesn't offer much in the way of standard photo editing. Its comes with its own photo social network that emphasizes keyword tags. The app features good community features and lets you shares easily to major photo social networks. Another plus is that it's Available for all three major phone OSes, including Windows Phone.

The 1. 1 Best Photo & Video Editing Apps for Mobile (And Why They're So Great)It's no secret that cool visual content is a critical way for marketers to gain - - and keep - - people's attention. Social networks are catching up, too. Facebook keeps changing its News Feed to display bigger images and videos, Twitter pulls pictures and videos right into its timeline (and even autoplays them), and Instagram continues to expand their advertising capabilities, albeit slowly. It's important for marketers to know how to create compelling visuals for their business' social networks and blogs.

And while it can be worth it to invest time and money in photo editing software for your computer, sometimes all you really need to take a photo from good to great is a quick edit on your phone. This is especially true if you're posting in real time, like at an event. There are a lot of great photo and video editing apps out there for mobile devices, and some of them even cost a few bucks.

Which are the best free and paid apps out there? Check out our shortlist below. Photo Editing Apps.

Afterlight$0. 9. 9 . It's a pretty rudimentary tool, but it has all the features you need to do a basic photo edit - - from controlling the color tones and adjusting exposure and brightness, to rotating and straightening the photo. Along with its adjustment tools, it has 7.

Fusion filters that let you mix tools, filters, and textures to create your own personal look. Finally, if you're into frames, you have a whopping 1. My favorite tip? I love using the Highlight Tone tool to bright the blue hues up.

I find this gives photos a cleaner, fresher look. While it does boast a wider set of editing tools than most other editing apps, its main claim to fame is its filters. Their filters have more of a softer, authentic look that resembles real film, as compared with the over- saturated looks of many Instagram filters.

Plus, it's great for when you need to edit a photo on the fly: Simply upload the photo to VSCO Cam, slap on one of their great filters (C1 is my favorite), and call it a day. The user interface can be a little tough to get used to at the very beginning. Image Credit: Up to Down. Snapseed. Free . It's got all the classic adjustment tools, such as tuning, cropping, and straightening.

But what makes this tool particularly unique is its . This lets you pinpoint an area in a photo and adjust the brightness, contrast, and saturation of that single point in the photo. So if you want viewers to focus on a certain part of your photo - - say, the pastry next to your coffee - - then you can make that pastry more vivid so that it looks really crispy and delicious. Gankutsuou Episode Bittorant Download there. Image Credit: i. Phone Photography School. Camera+$2. 9. 9 . TIME wrote about the app, . First is its image stabilizer, which helps you capture the sharpest photos possible before you even take a picture.

It also lets you zoom in up to 6. X, which can really up the quality of your shot if you're trying to hone in on something far away. Finally, its Clarity filter is what The Wall Street Journal's Kevin Sintumuang calls its . The app lets you stack different adjustment layers on top of one another and move and edit them individually, allowing for pretty much limitless creativity. You can also apply multiple filters and textures to the same photo to create a really unique look.

If you find an editing formula you really like, you can save it to apply to other photos later - - and even share it with your friends. Image Credit: Persnickety.

Prints. 6) SKRWT$1. The SKRWT app lets you adjust the perspective of your photos to make the lines look clean and square. If it bugs you to see a photo that's slightly at an angle, then this app is well worth the two bucks. Image Credit: fltr. Insta. Collage. Free . My favorite photo collage app is Insta.

Collage because of the wide variety of layouts. They have a ton of both classic layouts and more fun ones with interesting, colorful backgrounds. You can also add text in all different fonts, colors, and sizes. Plus, if you're strapped for time, there are even options for basic photo editing within the app, making it the perfect one- stop shop. Like Mextures, Picfx lets you layer as many effects as you'd like on top of one another to create really unique images.

They have over 1. Whitagram lets you do just that. Now that Instagram photos no longer have to be square, this may be a less desirable app to some folks ..

The best i. Phone and i.

Best Professional Video Editing apps for i. Phone 2. 01. 6 (New) - Best. Apps. Lists. Looking for pro- like video editing apps for i. Phone and i. Pad? Do you want to see the list of the 9 best professional video editor apps for i.

OS devices? Watermark Video Square - Batch Your Video Clip and Movie with Watermarking App for Instagram Facebook Twitter and Youtube ( i. Phone )- Using Watermark Video Square is probably the best way protect you videos with text watermarks. You can add simple text, Copyright . Apart from, adding watermarks this app lets you edit you video and share them on video sharing and social networking websites.

A must have video editing app for artist, professionals, online sellers and business brands. Videocraft - Video Editor ( i. Phone )- This is a full featured video editing app for i. Phone. You find all the features you'll need to edit videos on you i.

Phone, such as- add songs, voice recording, slow/fast motion, add texts, reverse video clips, effect bars, blur etc. Videocraft allows you to easily edit videos on your i. Phone instantly and export to camera roll, share on facebook, send via email or directly upload to You. Tube. 3. Vizzywig - Video Editor Movie Maker and Multi Camera Film Edit Effects Slideshow Music Editing Credits App ( i. Phone + i. Pad )- One of the best video editors available on i. OS App Store. This is the app you actually need, if you're looking for the most powerful video editing app that can be used for professional quality video editing.

And the best thing of Vizzywig is that it's very easy to use. You don't have to learn so much to edit videos. It has all the features, you want from a professional video editing application for your i. Phone and i. Pad. If you buy a new i.

OS device, you can download i. Movie for free to make Hollywood- style trailers ( with 1. Phone or i. Pad. You use Air. Drop, Mail and Messages apps to share your videos with your friends or directly publish on Vimeo, Facebook and You. Tube. 5. Magisto - Magical Video Editor ( i.

Phone + i. Pad )- Magisto is the best pro video editing app on the app store that is available for free. It has in- app purchases and ultimately you have to pay, but, even though, this is one of the best professional video editors for i. Phone and i. Pad. And if you looking for an video editing app that can automatically edit videos and photos and lets you share them instantly, Magisto is probably the best app for you. Because Magisto is a complete professional video editing app and has all the features that you expect from a full- featured video editor, such as- trimming  and editing videos, facial recognition detection, automatic editing, sharing on social networking sites and video sharing sites and via email, collaboration, recording using camera, video camera stabilization, effects, filters, and transitions and more. Videolicious ( i. Phone + i. Pad )- If you want to edit your videos effortlessly and quickly, you should try Videolicious.

This app lets you quickly combine your videos, music, photos and stories into a movie. Unlike other video editing apps, you don't need to learn so much to use Videolicious, because, this powerful video editing app has a very easy to use UI that lets you edit your videos very easily on your i. Phone and i. Pad. Lumify Video Editor ( i.

Phone )- If you want to capture and edit professional quality full hd videos on your i. Phone and share them on video sharing websites like You.

Tube, Instagram or send via instant messaging services like Whats. App, you should use Lumify.

This full- featured pro- quality video editor makes your 1. You. Tube or share on Instagram for What. App. Slo. Pro - 1. Slow Motion Video ( i.

Phone + i. Pad )- Actually, this is not a full featured video editing app like i. Movie or Vizzywig, but it's one of the best apps for shooting and live editing 6. Phone or i. Pad. This powerful slo- mo video editing app allows you to capture and edit slow motion videos and share videos on You. Tube and Facebook. With this app, you can easily and quickly crop videos and photos to squared size and rotate, zoom in/out them.

You can share you edited videos directly on Instagram or save to camera roll. A must have app for Instagram users.