Transfer Videos/Music to i. Phone 6 (Plus) from PC/Mac. An i. Pad Air may be too big when you. Now Apple released two brand new smartphones – i. Phone 6 and i. Phone 6 Plus. And the latter with 5.

Perform More than an iPhone Transfer. It is not just an iPhone to Computer transfer only, but an iPad to Computer Transfer and iPod to Computer Transfer as well. In this article, I will point out 6 other ways that you can transfer music to your iPhone without iTunes. In order to use MediaMonkey to manage your iPhone music, you.

To make your i. Phone 6 (Plus) a powerful digital center, you can move media files like videos, music, and photos from your PC or Mac to it. Then how can you transfer videos and music to i. Phone 6 (Plus) from PC or Mac? Part I. Sync videos/music from PC/Mac to i. Phone 6 (Plus) with i. Tunes. Step 1. Connect i.

Phone 6 (Plus) to Mac. Connect your i. Phone 6 (Plus) to Mac with the supplied USB cable, and run i. Tunes on your Mac. Add media files to i. Tunes library. Add media files such as videos, movies, music, photos to i. Tunes library by following . Select the device i.

Phone 6 or i. Phone 6 Plus from the device list at the upper right corner of the screen and then choose . Start syncing videos and music Drag the video and music files from the library to the i. Phone 6 (Plus) icon on upper left side bar.

And then i. Tunes will start syncing videos and music to your i. Phone 6 or i. Phone 6 Plus. Transfer videos/music from PC/Mac to i. Phone 6 (Plus) with Dropbox. Other than i. Tunes, i. Phone 6 users can also choose Dropbox to transfer video files and music to their i. Phone 6 or i. Phone 6 Plus from PC and Mac.

Transfer Music Files From Iphone To Pc Without Itunes

Install Dropbox app. Download and Install Dropbox app on both of your computer and i.

Phone 6 (Plus). Create a Dropbox account and then you will get 2 GB for free. Copy videos and music to Dropbox app. Run Dropbox on your PC or Mac, and move the videos and music into the folder of this app. Start syncing videos/music to i. Phone 6 (Plus)Run Dropbox app on your i. Phone 6 (Plus) and then you.

Transfer Music Files From Iphone To Pc Without Itunes

Stream videos/music from PC/Mac to i. Phone 6 (Plus) with Air Playit.

Got an iPhone from a friend. Want to keep your friend’s songs and add some more from your computer? How to transfer music from computer to iPhone? This post tells you how to transfer music from computer to iPhone without iTunes. Adding music to your iOS device using iTunes can be frustrating and slow. Here are 6 other ways to transfer music to your iPhone or iPad without iTunes.

Requirements for Air Playit streaming: Your PC/Mac is connected to a Wi- Fi router, 3. G, or 4. GInstall Air Playit server for PC or Mac. Install Air Playit Client on i. Phone 6 (Plus) Step 1. Add videos and music to Air Playit server. After installing Air Playit server on PC or Mac, click . Add the server to Air Playit client.

Open the installed Air Playit client on your i. Phone 6 (Plus) and tap on . Play videos and music. Once synced, go to the .

Watch any video and music file on i. Phone 6 (Plus)To view any kind of video and audio file on your i. Phone 6 or i. Phone 6 Plus or to make special video formats like MKV, AVI, Tivo, and FLV or even Blu- ray and DVD sources playable on an i. Phone 6 (Plus), you need an i.

Phone 6 video converter to rip the incompatible videos or audios to i. Phone 6 natively supported formats.

This video tutorial will show you how to transfer files between an iOS device like ipad, iphone or iPod touch and a Windows PC through wifi without. Well, you can use a free iphone transfer to have a try. Syncios iPhone to PC transfer is a free but awesome idevice manager which enbales you transfer music, images. How do you transfer media files to iPhone 6 (Plus) from PC or Mac? This post lists several methods to move videos and music to iPhone 6 or iPhone 6 Plus.

What are the best apps for i. Phone 6 or i. Phone 6 Plus? How to get the best solutions and tips for pleasant enjoyment on i. Phone 6 (Plus) at one place without spending too much time searching online? Pavtube has released i. Phone 6 topic which covers everything you need when having fun with your i. Phone 6 or i. Phone 6 Plus?

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Even though Jobs had ever criticized that Android plagiarized i. OS, however, as the development of these two systems, they learned from each other always. That is to say, if a customer would like to buy a new phone, he/she only has two choices, i. Phone or Android phone. Apple i. OS and Android are the two most popular operating systems for smart phones and tablets. These two intelligent mobile systems have occurred 9. Therefore, some users usually compare them and want to know which one is better.

From the data survey shows, i. OS is better than Android system.

Take the i. OS 1. Android 7 Nougat for example, here we will look at the reasons about i.

OS 1. 0 is better than Android 7. Just keep reading it.

If you are decide on buying an i. OS or Android phone and have no idea about which platform is better, then you need to know more information about these two systems and then decide which to use. We have spent plenty of time with both and here we are going to tell you why i. OS is better than Android. Top 1: App Store: i.

OS 1. 0 is better than Android 7. That is no denying that App Store is one of the big innovations of i. OS system because in the past, nearly all the smart phones had to connect to PC to transfer and install application. Apple is the first company to integrate them to mobile phone, and of course, this is quite convenient. And then, Android promotes the Play Store to provide the similar experience.

Relatively speaking, the numbers of Play Store Apps are more abundant, more than 1. App Store is 1. 5 million. However, from the totally quality and public praise, i. OS is better. Because of i. OS apps are more profitable, many software manufacturers prefer to promote new contents. Top 2: Hardware Configuration: i.

OS 1. 0 is better than Android 7. Quick Heal Antivirus Pro 2014 Free Download 32-Bit. Among the smart phone hardware equipments, processor has arrived the bottleneck, there are no more distinctions between those mobile products, and then GPU has become the main factor to highlight the differences.

Some bigger software, like 3. D games, requires with high GPU performance. Apple i. Phone A6 processor integrates Power VR SGX, which is better than Android. What’s more, the special effect processing of i.

OS is based on GPU hardware acceleration, which is not able to totally make use of CPU or apps, but to render by GPU and then to reach more fluent manipulate manifestation. However, Android is not the same. Android needs to apply different mobile phone hardware, to satisfy different configuration, therefore, many graphical effects depend on the application itself, to accelerate or render, and to reply CPU operation. In that case, it will increase the load of acceleration.

If the Android phone is able to change the charge, then it will be recovered. However, if the charge can’t be disassembled, we have to wait for the reboot to recover. Compared i. OS 1. Android 7, the former is better than the latter. Well, that’s all about why i. OS 1. 0 is better than Android.

Hope them are helpful. Last but not least, if you want to transfer data from i. OS device to PC, to fix i. OS stuck, to speed up i. Phone, to backup and restore i.

Phone, to optimize i. Phone, to remove ads, or to repair system, you can use the Tenorshare i. Care. Fone to fix it.

How to Transfer Music from i. Phone to i. Tunes on PC/Mac. How do I transfer songs from i.

Phone to i. Tunes library? Here is the best i. Phone to i. Tunes transfer tool helps you easily make it, no matter on your Windows or Mac computer. It has good reasons to spend thousands of dollars and hours on building an awesome i. Tunes music library. However, your i. Tunes might still be in danger because every day millions of computers have been lost, stolen or damaged. If you have no backup for your i.

Tunes library, then you can follow this guide to transfer music library from i. Phone to i. Tunes to restore your i. Tunes library on your PC/Mac computer. You have made an i. Tunes or i. Cloud backup in advance.

Must Read: How to Transfer Music from Computer to i. Phone. The Tool You'll Need. Note that i. Phone is not a storage / backup device, and syncing i. Phone with i. Tunes is one way access - i.

Tunes to i. Phone. So you need an i. Phone to i. Tunes transfer software, just like Any. Trans. Comparing with the similars, Any. Trans outstands because: Transfer i. Phone Music to i.

Tunes keeping your playlists and meta data, like play counts, ratings, mp. Since it's a complete i. Phone to i. Tunes backup solution, everything will remain intact; Supports transferring music among computer, i. Tunes library and other i.

Devices. Wherever you want to transfer music to, Any. Trans helps you make it. Supports more than 2. OS contents, including Music, Videos, Photos, Contacts, Messages, Notes, Calendar, Safari History & Bookmarks, etc. Anyway, whatever you want to transfer, Any. Trans helps you make it. Also supports extracting anything you like from i.

Tunes or i. Cloud backup, this makes you needn't restore your i. Phone with i. Tunes or i. Cloud backup any more. How to Transfer Music from i. Phone to i. Tunes with Any.

Trans Step 1: Download Any. Trans and give it few seconds to install on your computer. The main interface is self- explain and you just need to follow the instruction to connect your i. Phone to the computer. Then it will automatically load up all media info on your i. Phone: How to Import Music from i. Phone to i. Tunes with Any.

Trans - Step 1. Step 2: Connect your i. Phone to computer with USB cable > Select Audio > Click Music. How to Import Music from i. Phone to i. Tunes with Any. Trans - Step 2. Step 3: Select the songs you want to transfer > Click To i. Tunes button to get music from i.

Phone to i. Tunes Library. How to Import Music from i. Phone to i. Tunes with Any. Trans - Step 3. If you just got a new i. Phone 6s/6s Plus, you can read this guide about How to Move Data to i.

Phone 6/6s to learn how to transfer content from old i. Phone to new device. Recommended Reading: What is Other Storage on i. Phone > The Bottom Line. We believe Playlists is as important as the music itself and will benefit every music lovers, especially people who want to relieve their anxiety, sharpen memory, increase concentration, improve their mood or even relieve pain. Hopefully this brief tutorial will guide you through transferring music from i. Phone to i. Tunes library on your computer.

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