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Will Wahl Before The Game. Even after years of covering Survivor for Parade, interviewing castaways on location and on the phone, I’m still not above geeking out when I meet a favorite player. Will, one of the youngest competitors in the show’s history at 1.

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Survivor super fan, evidenced by the fact that he knows who I am, and has listened to my podcasts not just about Survivor, but scripted television as well. It’s a surreal start to the conversation, on both sides of the line. But it also speaks to Will’s genuine enthusiasm for Survivor culture, above and beyond the fact that he’s about to actually step onto the field and play the genuine game. Speaking of the game, Will has big ambitions for what he’s about to accomplish. Although he claims he’s not basing his gameplay after any previous player, he still throws out names like Jeremy Collins and Spencer Bledsoe as Survivor role models.“I’m looking at the kingpin type,” he explains. Click here to read Will’s bio, then read on for our chat.

Wigler: Is this Will? Will: It is, yeah! Wigler: How’s it going, Will?

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I’m Josh. Will: Uh, Josh Wigler? Wigler: Yes, that’s right. Will: That’s awesome, man! Crazy to talk to you! Wigler: Oh, whoa! Will: I listen to Rob Has a Podcast all the time, and I listen to you on the Survivor and Walking Dead podcasts!

You’re now my favorite. Will: (Laughs.) Yeah, well, you’re my favorite interviewer, so.

I was going to ask how you got involved in this — you’re a young guy at 1. Survivor super- fan. If you’re listening to podcasts, you must really like Survivor. Will: Yes. Definitely. Wigler: What’s your history with the show?

Will: I actually got into it kind of late. You know, I am kind of young. I got into it around season 2.

I got really attached to it around season 2. Malcolm Freberg and the Philippines. I started listening to podcasts around then, and then I went back and watched almost every season. That’s where I got a deep love for Survivor. It went from there. Wigler: And how did you get on the show?

Did you apply? Will: I applied. Jogos Mortais 3 Dublado Avi. I applied only one time, because I’m 1. But I applied and waited a few months . I was on a mission trip in Haiti and I was driving on a mountain about 6,0. I get a phone call — a restricted phone call — and it was Survivor. I don’t even know how I got service up there, but it was amazing.

Wigler: What do you think it is about you that caught Survivor. I carry myself differently from most other eighteen and nineteen year old people. A lot of them are insecure or something like that. I know who I am and I run with it.

I did that throughout the entire interview process and I think they recognized that. They saw that I have this will to win. Wigler: Is that the hash- tag? It’s the only word I can use.

Wigler: In your bio, you mention that you don’t want to play like any past Survivor contestants. What does that mean? Will: I want to be unique to myself. I love a lot of players.

Randy Bailey always comes to mind when I think about my favorite players, but I want to be my own unique person. I’m going to be similar to several other players, but I want to be my own person. I want to be unique. Wigler: Which players do you admire, in terms of their gameplay? I know you mentioned you like Randy — is that just as a character, or as a player as well?

Will: No, that’s more as a character. Strategically, I really love Malcom.

And I enjoyed Spencer in his second season. I didn’t like him in his first season. I think in Survivor, you need to be social, and he developed nicely in Cambodia to the social gameplay. That’s what I want to lean into. It’s a lot like Jeremy in the sense that I want to be the type of person everyone’s going to. I hate to use such a recent reference — I’d love to go back . Even though it’s different to see an 1.

I want people to be able to come to me. Wigler: How do you establish that situation? How do you make yourself the magnetic person that people want to come up and talk to? Will: I think being a kid makes me seem a little less threatening and easier to approach. I think that, along with my overall personality, will help me build relationships with these people. Trust is a rare commodity in the game.

If you have trust in somebody, you’re going to want to go to them and tell them everything you know . That’s what I’m hoping for. I’m hoping to build relationships with people so they trust me and tell me what they know.

Wigler: And what are you going to do with their trust, once they give it to you? Will: That depends.

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