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It has been proven in scientific studies that intention affects us positively and that intention is carried through music that was created while holding an intention. We then chose the key of the song based on the Intention. Everyone held the Intention while David played the basic synthesizer tracks. We then toned for over an hour while still holding the Intention consistently.

Every session was a
transformative experience that comes through to the listener.

This frequency entrains every brain on earth into the frequency of 7. Every musical part in the song is tuned to this frequency, and we also timed our slow breath so that it is also in time with the same frequency - octavized down (1/2 by 1/2 by 1/2, etc). We then added binaural beats in tune with the Schumann Resonance to entrain your brain into this same frequency that all life is entrained to. The outcome is an extremely powerful recording that will help you hold the higher frequency of love and light while grounding into the earth.

The more people are in this frequency, the easier it is for everyone else to join in!

As we connected to the pure heart of Compassion on the planet, the whole room lit up with white light. We also connected to all Joy on the planet. It was an amazingly transformative recording session.

Therefore, listening to these tones helps resonate your heart into the field of love.

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