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Table of Motorola model number suffixes. Note that the contents of this page, like most. In other words, the repeater- builder web site and this Motorola web page is what the. If you have a hint, or a useful trick, please consider writing it up and sending it in. Until recently Motorola model numbers were. Later on the code of .

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I will first start by saying, I posted in this forum because there was not a Suspension forum. So if this thread gets moved so be it. Sorry I recently replaced the. A package manager or package management system is a collection of software tools that automates the process of installing, upgrading, configuring, and removing. Welcome to Technology for Mortals. Founded by George Ou, we are a website dedicated to technology and people with a passion for technology.

I know for sure that a . CT5. 4JJA). and I have seen . Here's the ones that I have seen. Made in the USAAA - Made in the USAAC - Canada (later), I think A   - Australia (early), I think, but I am not sure. AK - Malaysia - for example an AKH3.

SVU7. 16. 0BN is a H3. SVU7. 16. 0BN made in Malaysia. AT - Australia (later) for example a ATT3. WB7. A4. BK is a T3. WB7. A4. BK made by Moto Australia. AX - Israel - (seen on an AXL2.

SUM7. 00. 0AT Desktrac UHF repeater)AZ - Asia- Pacific (seen on a AZM0. MHF6. AA2. A mobile made by Moto Australia for the. Phillipine market)C   - Canada (early), Identical to US manufacture (seen on a CT4. RTA MICOR mobile)LA - Latin America.

M   - Canada (early), Similar to US manufacture (seen on MT4. JJA Mitreks)MA - Malaysia. MB - Canada. MD - Europe. S   - Canadian version of an SP radio (see below)X   - see . I think. that the AC and MB prefixes probably have similar meanings to the older 'C' and 'M'.

They do however, both indicate Canadian- source. Another very rare single- letter prefix is 'S', used in Canada, to indicate a 'Special'. The. Special could be anything from a simple mod to a ground- up unique design. The radio chassis mounts in a rack cabinet that sits on. This series originally came in a 3.

I've seen cabinets as tall as 7 feet with. Over the years the dividing line between. C- series and B- series stations has really blurred. D = Dash mount - Official definition: . Note that in Moto's set of definitions a. So, as an example, a L5.

MHB is a late Motrac vintage. C5. 3MHB is the same radio in a base station (short cabinet). B4. 3MHB is a base station (tall cabinet), and a J5.

MHB is a B5. 3MHB or C5. MHB in an. outdoor cabinet - at least that's how it's supposed to work.

So many of the small tabletop repeaters ended up mounted on the walls of utility. Moto started making small repeaters (like the R1. GR3. 00, 4. 00. and 5. In the early days of motorcycle radios.

Also the radios themselves were adaptations of. When Moto got. serious about making radios truly intended for motorcycles (i. This is rarely seen, but shows up in two situations.

The additional ones will have an . I first saw it on a Spectra- Tac voting receiver cabinet that had been. I first saw this on an MSR2. Dracon rack. P = Portable or Packset. Up to very recently a . The P- series units are essentially handheld guts packaged into a.

In many cases the antennas. By the. way, a low band mobile or portable antenna is narrow - handhelds and portable. MHz, if that much, mobiles (with a better ground. MHz. Packsets make dandy public service . For years I had a PT2. Meter ARES repeater and.

The guys. that bring a pickup truck with their setup in the bed, complete with dual golf umbrellas. Lazy. Boy recliner are really .

See the comments below in the section on . The. dual and triple voltage models were basically a repackaged mobile 1. T- supply designed to lower the voltage. Later ones have no jumpers - the power.

T = Trunk mount - the radio mounts in the trunk or under the seat and. The later term became . On some models. the only difference between a ? They were. undercover- surveilance variants on the current production public safety handheld, but.

One was an ex- Diplomatic. Protective Service radio (picture the Presidential Protective Detail of the U. Secret. Service, but assigned to guard visiting foreign diplomats). My conjecture is that. Mobile radios come in power levels ranging from zero (either a.

SP base), and the numbers and power ranges also vary with the band and. See the tables after the next. It was a B3. 0< something> built in the late 1. It was tied to the in- plant phone system (rotary!) as an extension, and.

You'd dial extension 2. You'd dial the pager number using the rotary dial on your in- plant. Hz tone for about a half- second. At that point you had 9- 1.

These days you're more liable to. Low band transmitters are more efficient. UHF ones, so you will find 6.

Max. Tracs) that top out at 3. UHF. 2 = 6. 6 to 8.

MHz - Some countries in Europe use 6. MHz as a commercial. In the USA the 6. Young Jeezy Show Out Clean Download read more.

MHz range is television channel 3, the 6. MHz range. is TV channel 4, the 7. MHz frequencies are used as . In over 3. 0 years in Southern California two- way radio.