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Het laatste ombouw nieuws voor Xbox 3. Playstation 3, Wii en andere consoles .

This all started 6 years ago when the PS3 was finally cracked. At first we had the PSgroove dongles. I (evilsperm) contacted Cyberskunk and a new friendship was born.

PS3 Jailbreak 4.80 aka PS3 CFW 4.80 is now available to download. Latest video showing fully updated PS3 Jailbreak system loading a game backup via Multiman Backup. Name: Version: Released: Hits: DL Link: PSN Patch (Stealth) v4.70.07: 04/16/15: 44283: Download: PSN Patch (Stealth) v4.70.06: 03/22/15: 9107: Download: PSN Patch. PlayStation was the brainchild of Ken Kutaragi, a Sony executive who had just finished managing one of the company's hardware engineering divisions. Download the PS3 CFW Jailbreak of the Latest 4.75 Firmware. S inds 2005 gespecialiseerd in ombouw van de Xbox 360, Playstation 3, Playstation 2, PSP en de Wii. Deze jarenlange ervaring heeft ons vele positieve reviews bezorgd. Spoof 4.80 for 4.78 CEX (non-Cobra) and Custom Firmware 4.78.x Rebug REX. See release notes for a detailed compatibility list. Note: The spoofer may actually work on.

Ps3 Official Firmware 4.30Ps3 Official Firmware 4.30

Deze firmware combineert alle denkbare features zoals de package manager, Web. MAN (ISO support) en andere Cobra features. De Rebug Toolbox is natuurlijk ook weer aanwezig o. In CEX mode (default) heb je daarnaast ook gewoon alle functies die een originele PS3 heeft. De REX editie is bestemd voor CEX (retail) PS3's en D- REX voor DEX geconverteerde PS3's.

Backup Managers. De bekende backup managers zoals Multi. MAN, Irisman en Gamesonic manger kunnen met deze Rebug versie overweg waardoor je gewoon op de oude vertrouwde manier je backups kunt blijven spelen. Maar wil je wat gaan experimenteren dan schakel je via de Rebug toolbox de Cobra features in. Multi. MAN schakelt mee en verandert in Cobra. MAN en daarmee heeft het naast alle bestaande opties ook de mogelijkheid om PS2 (alleen interne HDD) en PS3 ISO's te laden. Web. MANwordt samen met de Cobra features geactiveerd via de Rebug toolbox en heeft als voordeel dat games veel sneller laden. Zowel ISO's en het standaard game formaat (folder structuur) worden hiermee ondersteund vanaf interne en externe schijf.

Daarnaast kan Web. MAN ook gebruikt worden voor het streamen van games vanaf een PC of NAS. Met Web. MAN kun je echter geen originele games kopi. Met de Web. MAN updater kun je dit programma up. Dit is een kort overzicht wat er allemaal mogelijk is maar geeft hopelijk wel een goed beeld van wat je kunt verwachten.

Ben je nieuw op dit gebied dan is het verstandig om voor een minder uitgebreide firmware te kiezen zoals CEX Ferrox 4. Deze heeft geen Cobra features maar kan wel gebruikt worden voor het afspelen van je backups, draaien van mod- menus, installeren van homebrew via “Install Package” of het modden van games met CCAPI. Source. Installatie. De Rebug REX kan ge. Installeren doe je via het XMB of de recovery mode. De meest veilige methode is via recovery mode.

Vergeet niet om geactiveerde spoofers te deactiveren! Installeren via XMBPlaats de update op een fat. PS3  icon- arrow- right UDATE  icon- arrow- right PS3. UPDAT. PUPSluit de usb stick aan op de PS3. Ga naar system update en kies updaten via opslag medium.

INCLUDEDRebug Toolbox 0. Install included Rebug Toolbox or higher for full compatibility)Rebug Toolbox is application designed to complete the full function of REBUG REX EDITION firmwares. Besides from performing the CEX/DEX EID0 and LV2 Kernel Swapping it is also an FTP server and is packed with a bunch of other useful tools. INSTALL: 1: In the PS3 XMB go to Game menu. Select Package Manager. Select Install Package Files.

Select PS3 Hard Disk. Select REBUG- TOOLBOX- 0. PACKAGE MANAGERPackage Manager is a replacement for the standard Install Package Files option under Game in the XMB. It allows for the install and deletion of .

In addition to this, your downloaded PSN content . You will find three options. Play. Station. The sidebar should appear. Press CROSS on either Unlink or Unlink(Folder) (Both do the same thing for now).

COBRA 7. 3. Cobra 6. Cobra. USB and needed a USB dongle to use its unique features. This was the first product by the Cobra Team who is now behind the Cobra. ODE. After the Cobra Team launched the first ODE device, Community News Writer STLcards. WS inquired about the future of the Cobra. USB device as it seemed to be shelved (unofficially at the time).

STLcards. WS according to the Cobra Team Representative Magneto asked if the device could be made open source for the community, since the team had all but moved onto ODE products. That is when Team Cobra gave in and threw a bone to the PS3 Homebrew Community. Shortly, after that time is when we seen the first official source code release of Cobra. USB (link of this story). While this proved to be a huge advancement in the PS3 development community it however was a rough release as it contained all the USB security source code also.

While developer’s like u$er was able to use parts and makes sense of some of the functions (which helped create PRX Loader, the first plugin system for the PS3)., most developer struggled with the source as it had alot of unnecessary parts included to protect the USB device when the Cobra Devs wanted to keep this system closed sourced. The developer also updated Cobra 6.

Cobra 7. 3 with new features and cleaned the source removing all the security garbage (link to this story). Thus making it a complete release with full instructions and details for scene developers.

Now included 4. 8. CFW Passes latest PSN 4. Auth. Correct Passphrase used. Working 1. 00% online with console ID spoofing to avoid bans. PSN still 1. 00% working inc Store with latest 4. Only install this custom firmware on a PS3 running firmware versions 4. This PS3 Jailbreak 4.

PSN safe with full access, supporting console id spoofing and all backups. The Most trusted and updated PS3 hack and PS3 Custom Firmware. Full install instructions are provided below and in the download. Having any problems? Try our free troubleshooting guide found here.

CFW 4. 8. 0 Install Instructions. Format your USB memory stick to FAT3. Windows by right- clicking the icon in My Computer and selecting format)Open your formatted USB stick and create a new folder titled “PS3. You can either try again at a less busy time or use a working email to activate your download. Registered members will not have this restriction. Double click the downloaded . RAR file to open it and extract the.

PS3. UPDAT. PUP (Jailbreak for PS3 on 4. USB in the step above. You are now ready to install the Custom Firmware and Jailbreak 4. Please do this through the recovery menu ONLY as below.

Power off the PS3. Hold on/off button on the front of the PS3 and Power on the PS3 at the back switch or wall outlet socket. Keep on/off pressed while PS3 boots up and until it then turns offagain. Release on/off and press again and hold until you hear two quickbeeps then release.

You will now have the option to install firmware update using Recovery Menu. You should make sure that your controller is connected via USB and you inserted your USB memory stick. PS3 will now re- boot on completion of update. Install PKG files from a USB Memory Stick via the new “Install Packages” menu item under Games in the XMBGet Multiman Backup Manager HERESave.

Play. Station 3 system software - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Play. Station. The software may be updated by downloading the update directly on the Play. Station 3, downloading it from the user's local Official Play. Station website to a PC and using a USB storage device to transfer it to the Play. Station 3, or installing the update from game discs containing update data. The initial slim PS3s SKU shipped with a unique firmware with new features, also seen in software 3.

This is similar to the later Play. Station 4 console which also has two APIs, the low level GNM and the higher level GNMX. Due to the fact that it requires a licensing agreement with Sony (which is considered expensive), a number of open source and homebrew PS3 SDKs are available in addition to a number of leaked PS3 SDKs.

Graphical shell. XMB displays icons horizontally across the screen that be seen as categories. Users can navigate through them using the left and right buttons of the D- pad, which move the icons forward or back across the screen, highlighting just one at a time, as opposed to using any kind of pointer to select an option.

When one category is selected, there are usually more specific options then available to select that are spread vertically above and below the selected icon. Users may navigate among these options by using the up and down buttons of the D- pad.

The basic features offered by XMB implementations varies based on device and software version. Apart from those appearing in the PSP console such as category icons for Photos, Music and Games, the PS3 added Users, TV and Friends to the XMB. Also, XMB offers a degree of multitasking. In- game XMB features were added to the PS3 properly with firmware version 2.

While XMB proved to be a successful user interface for Sony products such as PSP and PS3, the next generation Sony video game consoles such as the Play. Station 4 and the Play. Station Vita no longer use this user interface. However, unlike Remote Play between the Play. Station 4 and the Play. Station Vita, the problem with PS3 was that it only supported a . However, it is clear that Remote Play with the PS3 was the testing bed for its much better integration with the PS4.

Not only that, but in the case of most such games, their saved games actually transfer back and forth between devices, allowing players to pick up from the moment they left off. Different software titles use Cross- Play in different ways. For example, Ultimate Marvel vs.

Capcom 3 is a title supporting the Cross- Play feature, and the PS3 version of the game can be controlled using the PS Vita system. In addition, some PS3 games can be played on the PS Vita using the Play.

Station Now streaming service. Non- game features. It also includes various photo slideshow options and several music visualizations.

Furthermore, the Play. Station 3 is able to play Blu- ray and DVD movies out of the box, and also capable of adopting streaming media services such as Netflix.

This feature enabled users to install an operating system such as Linux, but due to security concerns, Sony later removed this functionality through the 3. According to Sony Computer Entertainment (SCE), disabling this feature will help ensure that PS3 owners will continue to have access to the broad range of gaming and entertainment content from SCE and its content partners on a more secure system.

It can for example print images and web pages when a supported printer is connected via a USB cable or a local network. However, only a selection of printers from Canon, Epson, and Hewlett- Packard are compatible with the PS3. Backward compatibility. However, not all Play. Station 3 models are backwards compatible with the Play. Station 2 games. In summary, early PS3 consoles such as the 6.

GB and 2. 0GB launch PS3 consoles were backwards compatible with PS2 games because they had PS2 chips in them. Some later models, most notably the 8. Dec Network Integration Server Management Manual read more.

GB Metal Gear Solid PS3 consoles are also backwards compatible, through partial software emulation in this case since they no longer had the PS2 CPU in them, although they do have the PS2 GPU in them, allowing for reduced backward compatibility through hardware- assisted software emulation. All other later models, such as the PS3 Slim are not PS2 backwards compatible, though users can still enjoy PS3 and PSone games on them.

According to a news story on Polygon: Under normal circumstances, Play. Station 3 consoles are locked so that they can only run software and operating systems approved by Sony.

Simply click one of the free offers, complete a survey and the button will turn green. Steps and Instructions: 1- Download. Paste the files into PS3 Folder.

Connect this USB Stick to PS3. Now Upgrade your firmware version to 4. CFWNo Downgrade is required, No flasher is needed, All OFW versions.