Onkyo Dx C390 Manual

The Yamaha CD-C600 couples the convenience of a multi-disc changer with the performance of a single-disc player. Pop in up to five of your favorite. Compare Cd players portable soniq price and read Cd players portable soniq reviews before you buy. Find the best deal on Getprice.com.au. From the date of sale for the respective periods specified below, AVALON agrees to repair all Onkyo products purchased directly from an Appoved Dealer, which are. Choose the best price from 33 discount retailers for the Onkyo DX-C390 6-Disc CD Changer at GoSale is down to $99.99 in stock Check the specs on the Onkyo DX-C390. ONKYO 6-Disc CD Player: Plays CD format; Vector Linear Shaping Circuitry (VLSC) technology; multibit D/A converter; 128x oversampling; 6 repeat modes; 40-track.

Onkyo 6- Disc CD Player Black DX- C3. B)4. Good Buy. You many find a couple of refurbed(by outside source) and surprisingly did see new, but at double the price of this one. I'm thinking of going back to purchase the protection plan, $2. I'd kick myself for not getting it, especially with multi disc players being hard to find, new anyway. It's brought my CDs back to life. Posted by: Jim. In.

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Onkyo Dx C390 Manual

ATL from: on With one hundred+ CDs in our library going back 3. Sony 5- CD carousel died after 2. We played singles occasionally on our DVD player, but it was a hassle. Like playing LP records or 4.

Being able to load 6 CDs and have random play creates a surprise playlist every time. Great quality and sound.

It's like having old friends back in the house. Good sound quality and seems well- made. I've had favorable impressions of previous Onkyo sound systems, including the 1,1. Watt 7. 1 theatre system and a desktop audio set. It is great to again listen to my many CDs with great sound and ease of use. Nice CD Player. Posted by: Rickob from: on I purchased this Onkyo CD player to replace an old Sony 6. CD player that lasted us many years.

It was an AM/FM, CD player with its own speakers. I couldn't find anything like it so we decided to get a standard multiplayer for our receiver. I've had Onkyo products in the past and considered them to be high end equipment. This CD player was easy to set up and easy to use. It also looks really nice.

The only thing I find as a slight issue, is that it seems to be very sensitive and skips relatively easily. The first day I got it, my 6 year old granddaughter wanted to hear one of her cds and she began dancing around a bit and the CD would skip.

I didn't think too much about it then because she was really jumping around, but the next day, I played one my own cds and as I was just walking near the player, it skipped a couple of times. We live in an older home with hardwood floors so there is always some vibration, but I would think that the dampening mechanism in this player would be able to handle some vibration.

Apparently not as much as you would think. It is however a very nice player and looks good as well. It is more sensitive to CD damage than previous Onkyo CD changers, but the sound quality has improved. The good news is that if it hits a damaged spot, it will stop after a few seconds instead of going into a loop. It seems to have a much quieter and gentler changing mechanism than the earlier Onkyo CD changers. This CD changer has a remote- controlled on/standby switch, which the earlier Onkyo CD changers did not have. This CD changer comes with a basic remote, but Onkyo receiver remotes can be used if the CD changer is connected to an Onkyo receiver equipped with RI (cable included).

This CD changer has a bright green light over the CD tray. This light can be programmed to stay on all of the time when the power is on, or to come on only when the tray is opened. All things considered, this is an excellent product, and worth the price. Multi- functional 6 cd changer.

Posted by: Vriksa from: NY on It's getting harder to find much choice when the time comes to purchase a new cd changer. My old Sony had served me well for many years but was beginning to not load some cds. I've now used the Onkyo for about a week and tested all functions - random play of 6 cds, sequential play of multiple cds, and also mp. It's done it all flawlessly. I hope it will continue to do so for a long time. Never Worked. Posted by: Cin. Tod from: Concord, CA on I can only start this review with the caution “DO NOT BUY!!!”.

We purchased this unit in March 2. In less than a month we discovered the shuffle or Random feature as they call it did not work. The changer would play three songs and the search for a track for up to two minutes then stop with track 5. We tried over and over with many different commercial CDs with the same results. I was given another unit and charged another $2. Now I have to bring the unit back again.

Unfortunately, this is the only multi disc changer that Best Buy sells with the shuffle feature. Final word on this changer, same as the opening statement, “DO NOT BUY!!!”2. Replaced a dead Yamaha Multi- disc.

Posted by: Elio from: on Works great and the price is awesome. It's so hard to find a decent multi- disc player at a reasonable price. Love that it's a 6 disc and doesn't take up any more room on my rack than my 5 disc did. Audio quality is top notch. Exactly what I wanted.

YAMAHA CD- C6. 00 5 Disc CD Changer with Play. Xchange. Yamaha Factory Refurbished. Buying a Yamaha Factory Refurbished product is a great way to get . Every product has been thoroughly tested, repaired (if necessary), cleaned and otherwise renewed to original condition.

Next it’s repackaged with all original accessories included. When you consider that a factory- renewed Yamaha product undergoes such close scrutiny for defects and workmanship, you might actually be buying something that is, in many ways, better than new. And for your piece of mind and protection, your purchase is covered by a manufacturers warranty valid at any authorized Yamaha repair center (you can look- up locations online here or call 7. Yamaha, like all electronics manufactures, receives products returned for various reasons. In 2. 01. 1 consumers returned 1. Rgss Rtp 1.0 Standard Download. Once a product has been opened it must be resold as refurbished and can’t be resold as new again.

The history and reason why a product was returned is not provided to us, thus we can’t provide any additional details regarding its past. All products are processed by Yamaha certified technicians, where they are fully tested, repaired (only if necessary), and tested again to ensure the highest quality control. Each unit must pass a complete battery of test before it can be titled a . Very minor signs of wear (light surface scuffs or minor scratches) may be present, although most units show little or no signs of any usage. We DO NOT sell products that are cosmetically damaged (cracked displays, broken knobs, heavy scratches, or physically abused) unless noted in the description. Unfortunately, we can’t provide actual photos of each unit or pick the best one for anyone, as they are all randomly chosen from our factory sealed boxes.

Crutchfield Canada. Network music player with Wi- Fi.

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