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Bernie Sanders Did A Bad, Will Have To Sue His Way To The White House Now. Someone has some splainin’ to do. Uh oh and oh no and tsk- tsk. It seems the Bernie Sanders Presidential Campaign For Socialist Czar of America was all up inside Hillary Clinton’s home- brewed voter database over at the Democratic National Committee, stealing her carefully curated and very private Cats. Hillz information. He would never do such a thing!

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But apparently his staffers would: Sanders staffers exploited a temporary glitch in the DNC’s voter database to save lists created by Hillary Clinton’s campaign, according to an audit of the breach obtained by Bloomberg. The Democratic National Committee noticed the Sanders campaign ogling at Clinton’s voter drawers this week and promptly ban- hammered him from using the database at all, even to access his own campaign info. Which makes it a little bit hard for his team to call you at home during your dinner and ask if you are still Feeling The Bern. And the Sanders campaign is NOT VERY HAPPY ABOUT THAT! In response, Sanders’ team was banned from accessing all of the DNC’s data as well as its own data, a move that is “taking our campaign hostage,” campaign manager Jeff Weaver said at a press conference outside Sanders’s Capitol Hill campaign office. The Sanders campaign says that of course it never cheated and sneaked a peek at Clinton’s super secret sauce, just because the firewall happened to not be working and gosh, that glorious Clinton data was sitting right there, just begging to be stoled. But, um, well: The Sanders team’s explanation of the incident has gradually changed since it was first confirmed late Thursday, initially saying that only a single “low- level” staffer accessed the Clinton data and that none of it was saved.

But the database logs created by NGP VAN show that four accounts associated with the Sanders team took advantage of the Wednesday morning breach. Staffers conducted searches that would be especially advantageous to the campaign, including lists of its likeliest supporters in 1. Iowa and New Hampshire. But it’s not as if Team Sanders was going to use any of that information! Nope, they were simply trying to help the DNC find the real killer, er, uh, glitch in the security system.

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And if the DNC does not immediately restore the Sanders campaign’s access to the database of Democrats throughout U. S. America, Bernie Sanders will SEE YOU IN COURT! Bernie Sanders’ campaign on Friday threatened to take the Democratic National Committee to federal court if the party organization doesn’t restore the campaign’s access to a crucial voter database. DNC Chairlady Debbie Wasserman Schultz sees it a tad differently, though: She said “multiple staffers” from the Sanders campaign downloaded information that they did not have the right to collect.“They not only viewed it, but they exported it and they downloaded it,” Wasserman Schultz told CNN’s Wolf Blitzer. We have to make sure that they did not manipulate the information.”She added, “That is just like if you walked into someone’s home when the door was unlocked and took things that don’t belong to you in order to use them for your own benefit.

Unacceptable.”Is that wrong? That seems kind of wrong. But the Sanders campaign has only admitted that mistakes were made by this one guy who’s already been good and fired, Josh Uretsky (sucks to be you, Josh), so it’s time to let bygones be bygones and let Bernie Sanders have his access back, OR ELSE. Far be it from us to ever criticize the strategies of the Sanders campaign, but stealing Clinton’s voter information because it was just so easy to do, and then acting like it was for some greater good because come ON, it’s Bernie Sanders, after all — while still firing a guy for doing a naughty thing the Sanders campaign at the same time maintains was not really naughty, but kind of was, but for the greater good — seems, shall we say, problematic.

While we tend to err on the side of assuming that Wasserman Schultz is generally the worst, for a Democrat, we also doubt she or anyone else at the DNC held a gun to Bernie Sanders staffers’ heads and force them to download all that sweet sweet Clinton stuff. Just a guess. The final Democratic primary debate of 2.

DVR on Saturday night because borrrrrrring, might not be so boring after all. Wouldn’t it be so rain- on- your- wedding- day ironic if it turns out that Sanders, not Clinton, crashed and burned because of naughty emaily things?

Chris Evans: HAPPY CHRISTMAS ONE AND ALL. XXXT'was the show before Christmas.. He was deep into a sleep induced by far too much munch at the works Christmas dinner the night before. Then he dreamt that he. He knew only too well who it was. It was someone humming a tune.

The voice was most certainly deep, not as deep as Barry White or James Earl Joyce but nevertheless pretty darn deep. Not as deep as an ocean but probably as deep as quite a deep lake.

The voice was also immediately friendly, so friendly in fact that the d. If they missed this, what on earth would they say to all the other eyes down the club next Tuesday. They once knew an eye who. It ended up turning to drink and loose women before closing for the final time in the lonely door way of a Harley Street optometrist.

No note was found. Santa was at the end of the bed, his black gloved hands on his knees, smiling the widest friendliest smile a little boy or girl could ever wish to see.

His beard was white and bushy made all that much whiter by the contrast of his black skin. As they continued to laugh Chris felt this overwhelming sensation of being free, the more he laughed, the freer he became. He wished he could just keep on laughing until he was all done with everything. Santa, on the other hand, was becoming almost breathless, as the man who has the best laugh in the world is allowed to be.

Real laughter is exhausting. As the final chortles and giggles subsided, the two friends, as they now were, for when you laugh with someone so heartily you become ther friend for life, soon got back to the question in hand. Santa was soon chortling away again after he. What a lovely, lovely thing. What a complete pleasure and may I say, by the way, what an excellent choice. She says it sounds like you.

It was a beautiful moment. Chris saw what he could have sworn was the smallest of tears drop from Santa. Chris felt himself falling back to sleep. Learners Manual In Ms Word 2003 Pdf.

His eyes being forced to close by some magical power. The last thing the happy d.

It was a smile he would never forget. Happy Christmas everyone.

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Digging to America by Anne Tyler . Each couple is awaiting the arrival of an adopted infant daughter from Korea. After the babies from distant Asia are delivered, Bitsy Donaldson impulsively invites the Yazdans to celebrate with an . But only up to a point.

When she finds herself being courted by one of the Donaldson clan, a good- hearted man of her vintage, recently widowed and still recovering from his wife. Somehow this big American takes up so much space that the orderly boundaries of her life feel invaded. A luminous novel brimming with subtle, funny, and tender observations that cast a penetrating light on the American way as seen from two perspectives, those who are born here and those who are still struggling to fit in.