The C Extensions for IronPython Project. Resolver Systems recently announced a new project to get CPython extensions working seamlessly with IronPython. Learning Python for Forensics. By Preston Miller, Chapin Bryce. ISBN 13: 9781783285235 Packt Publishing 488 pages (May 2016) Book overview: This book will illustrate. For something I’m currently working on I wanted to create some PDF reports so that I can share the results with others via email. Can any body help me with this problem: I have tried importing numpy in Python but couldn't succeed: >>> import numpy as np x=np.array( Python: Learn Python in 24 hours or Less - Easy and Refined With Examples and Assignments For Absolute Beginners.: Python, python cookbook, python programming.

Four Free Neural Network Libraries for Python. Here is an exhaustive list of the 4 free Artificial Neural Network Libraries for use with your Python code.

Here they are listed in the order of my perception of their overall quality: 1. First we have the Fast Artificial Neural Network Library (FANN).

Next there is the bpnn. Neil Schemenauer. The Pyro Python Robotics project seems to have some neural network stuff but on a cursory glance it appears to be more a tutorial than something you can download and use. Finally, NEURObjects is a set of C++ library classes for neural networks development.

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Here is an exhaustive list of the 4 free Artificial Neural Network Libraries for use with your Python code. Download Latest Realtek High Definition Audio Driver For Xp read more. In the coming weeks I’m going to try out a few of them. SecurityFocus is designed to facilitate discussion on computer security related topics, create computer security awareness, and to provide the Internet's largest and. Something to note though is that Python C extensions generated using SWIG (not numpy, but many others) can be quite easily opened up to both Jython and IronPython.

Thusitha Mabotuwana's Blog. It. There seem to be all sorts of healthcare plans like PPO, ABHP/HSA/HDP, HMO, EPO, POS etc (here are a couple of references that discuss what all the acronyms mean 1, 2) and it can be difficult to compare which one to go with. Most employers offer at least two plans to select from, so if your spouse! The PPO plan and the relatively new high- deductible plan .

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I felt like comparing the cost differences between these two plans was an interesting problem to spend some time on and share with others. If you just Google . There are several calculators around as well (e. I wanted to see how the total cost changes depending on your plan and medical expenses. ABHP with HSA– You have to be on the ABHP plan to have an HSA account.– Most employers will make some contribution to your HSA to help you with meeting the relatively higher deductible (could also be a higher OOP maximum).– What you can use out of the HSA is whatever you have there . All these contributions are pre- tax dollars.– Any leftover balances from the HSA carry over to next year, so this could be a good option if you are looking for a long term healthcare expense account.– General idea is to pay a lower premium out of your regular paycheck, but be ready to pay a higher deductible and OOP cost if needed.

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Like most of you who. Following is the graph I came up with: Disclaimer: Note that I. PPO and ABHP are Federal plans and largely function the same way across the board, although the actual plan is administered by the individual employer subject to all sorts of variations to the numbers and other conditions.

I have attached the Excel sheet ( ) which also contains all the formulas. The cells highlighted in blue are the only ones you need to change to customize it to suit your own situation. Following are the parameters we have to work with assuming you put in $5. FSA and employer gives $1,0. HSA: Annual premiums are $3.

The actual co- insurance you have to pay for drugs can vary quite a bit depending on whether you buy generic (Tier 1), preferred (Tier 2) or non- preferred (Tier 3) brand name drugs since each class is covered at different percentages, and also have different min/max co- pays. So to keep things simple, I. So in the example, the average co- pay per visit to pharmacy would be: $3. In this case you need to pay the min co- pay which is $5. Now $5 times 2. 0 visits gives us a total y $1. Rx drugs for the year .

Then for the $4,5. PPO deductible (out of which $4.

FSA). Now that the $1,0. You had to pay $5. OOP to meet deductible, and $7.

OOP is $1,2. 20. Tax savings was (premium + FSA amount)*tax rate = (3. Total cost to employee therefore is (premium + FSA amount + OOP . You pay the retail $3. Rx and $2,2. 00 of the medical bill to meet the $2,5.

Then co- insurance kicks in which will be (4,5. As for the how to pay part, you had $1,0. HSA, so you need to find a $1,5. So altogether, the tax saving would be (premium + HSA contribution) x 2. Total cost of employee is: (2. Above two calculations are highlighted in the Excel sheet: I think for most people the ABHP is beginning to make more sense as long as you can afford to come up with the high deductible in case of emergency. There are various other benefits too with the HSA; for instance, take a look at the following for some decent discussion: http: //www.

GA0. 00. 53http: //www. At the same time, a study from 2. For instance, if we change the $3. Rx drugs to $1. 5,0.

PPO would make more sense: I hope this post will shed some light on the cost differences between the PPO and the high- deductible plans. Feel free to share your thoughts and also point out if I have done anything wrong in my calculations.

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