Driver Comparison. The Launch Monitor Data tab contains the raw averages for several key data points related to golf club performance. Carry Yards - The average number of yards produced by the driver. This value does not include roll. Total Yards - The average number of carry yards plus rollout. This number is used as the basis for our distance score.

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Yards Offline - The average number of yards offline (relative to the center line) the ball finished. Fairway % - The average number of fairways our testers hit with the specified club. A combination of Fairway % and yards offline is used to determine our accuracy score. Total Driving - Numerical value created when Yards Offline is subtracted from Total Yards. Effectively this is the average value for Total Distance minus Yards Offline. Ball Speed - The average ball speed created by each driver. Launch Angle - The average vertical launch angle produced by each driver.

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Number One Golf Driver 2013Number One Golf Driver 2013

Spin - The average amount of backspin generated by each driver. A note about our data: The raw averages include data from all golfers who participate in our driver test. However, when we factor individual category scores, the lowest performing tester is removed from the calculations.

This, coupled with the methods we use to determine individual scores (individual scores are relative to each individual's ability), will sometimes result in clubs with higher total driving averages producing lower overall scores.

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Callaway RAZR Hawk Driver . I recently purchased Razr Hawk 1. RIP regular flex shaft for my swing speed of 9. This driver is longer than any prior Callaway driver I have owned, and longer than other manufacturer's recently marketed adjustable and non- adjustable drivers. It is easy to draw or cut with the Razr Hawk, and the ball speed off the clubhead is fabulous. I am hitting 1 to 1. Very accurate; excellent trajectory (mid- high), although ball can be flighted higher or lower depending on setup and swing.

Although sound is muted, it's easy to hear and feel shots ! Began playing again close to 5 years ago, finding such a loss of distance & swing speed, I found myself hitting mid to long irons into par 4's, trying most everything for a few extra yards. Have tested, purchased & used the R9, the new R1. G2. 0 & the Adams Speedline, all with the same results, 2. Tried Callaway's Razr Hawk, with a senior flex shaft & found I am now getting nearly 2. I now am hitting a 1.

Went to a well known golf shop and was talked into buying the RAZR X Black driver. I made the mistake and traded the FT- 9 in on it. The RAZR X Black driver was a good driver, however I was getting way too much loft on my drives. Tomb Raider 2 Download Full Version Windows 7. I tried moving it back in my stance and still got more loft than I desired.

That is when I contacted Callaway Pre- Owned and was sold on the RAZR Hawk driver by their professional salesperson. The RAZR Hawk is as good, or probably better, than they said it would be. I can't thank them enough for giving me my distance back on my drives. I am actually hitting it 1.

RAZR Hawk than I was with the FT- 9. Having said all this, I would rather trade with Callaway Pre- Owned than a well established golf shop in the future. Badly the same day I had Diablo Octane driver broken while practicing. However, I am happy to find out the Razr Hawk driver seems more accurate, more forgiving, a bit longer distance and easier to hit compared with the Diablo Octane driver. I expect I will use this dirver for quite a long time.

I fight a bit of a weak fade so I went with the 1. It's long and really helps to minimalize/eliminate the fade. Bought it because I regretted trading in my FT9 and the Razr Hawk is so similar. Looks great at address. Striking the ball with the RIP shaft is incredible. Impact feels great and you sense the ball.

I am as long or longer than with that white headed driver that everyone is playing. My consistency is much improved.