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Snagit, gratis download. Snagit 12.4: Registreer, bewerk en deel je schermafbeeldingen. Met Snagit neem je kiekjes van je scherm. Daarna pas je deze plaatjes.

Download MWSnap Descrizione MWSnap From Bobyte Software: AviScreen is an application for capturing screen activity in the form of AVI video or bitmap images. Beside the usual options defining the. Ball Download Game Take read more.

Lightshot Download. Capture screenshots of selected areas from the your desktop screen and edit, print or share them online, on various social networks. Modern day activities more or less require you to spend considerable amounts of time in front of the computer, thus making the desktop your own personal virtual space. A lot can happen, and you might want to share activities with others.

A simple method is to use the keyboard button to capture the entire screen, but the whole process can be lengthy until generating the image, and this is where specialized applications such as Lightshot come in handy. Easily accessible editing tools. With the setup taking little of your time, you're free to run it and see what it's all about.

Jing, gratis download. Jing 2.4: Snel instrument voor het maken en delen van screenshots. Jing is een licht programmaatje voor het maken en delen van schermafbeeldingen. This outstanding freeware application makes capturing and editing screenshot images a breeze. MWSnap may come with an uninspired-looking interface, but it gets the.

In fact, it takes the liberty of automatically starting, conveniently hiding in the system tray, letting you know it's there and how to use it through a small tooltip. There's no main window to work with. Functions and options are cleverly simplified, creating a neat experience. You quickly notice this from the moment you hit the print screen button on your keyboard. The desktop automatically gets covered in a transparent, tint layer, requiring you to select an area of interest.

Don't worry about precision, because releasing the mouse button is only the start. As soon as the area selection is done, clever and intuitive controls are placed on the side and bottom, with helpful tooltips upon mouse hover so you don't get stuck along the way. Define and edit coverage area. The area is only under a rectangle shape, but there are different tools that tip the scales in the application's favor. In other words, your selection is now a canvas on which you are free to draw different shapes, lines, freehand lines, transparent marker, as well as text. Different colors can be used for elements, even in the same image selection.

Coverage area is fitted with size specifications to easily grab custom size panels, with the possibility to further drag borders around and even move the whole box around your desktop. Saving is done under popular formats like JPG, PNG, and BMP. A faster overall process is to hit the print screen key along with Shift and have images automatically saved to an indicated location. Share images online with a single click.

In case you want to share captured images, the application skips you the whole effort of using a web browser and manually selecting the image. Apart from editing tools, an impressive array of sharing options are made available at a mouse click away. Popular social networks such as Facebook, Twitter, VK, and Pinterest are a few choices, given you have corresponding accounts. Moreover, you can use a built- in tool to search for similar images online using Google, directly print out, or upload on the application's own dedicated online image service (Prntscr. A few last words.

Bottom line is that Lightshot is one of the tools you might want to keep around, be it for gaming, testing, or simply sharing random activities that take place on your desktop. It's lack of an interface keeps everything simple, while the clever implementation of different drawing tools and quick sharing options on various, popular social networks make it definitely worth a try.

Pic. Pick - Download. Het gratis fotobewerkingsprogramma Pic. Pick is klein in omvang en simpel in het gebruik. Voor wie snel een foto wil aanpassen en Photoshop te omvangrijk vindt, is Pic. Pick een interessant alternatief. Met Pic. Pick breng je eenvoudig kleine veranderingen aan.

Zo wijzig je onder andere het contrast, de kleuren en de scherpte. Verder voeg je tekst naar wens toe of 'blur' (vervaag) je delen van de foto. Pic. Pick is echter niet alleen een bewerkingsprogramma. Het heeft ook een volledig schermafbeelingsfunctie .

Daarmee leg je het beeld dat je op je monitor ziet vast. Je maakt als het ware een foto van je beeldscherm. Pic. Pick is makkelijk in het gebruik, mede doordat het maar een beperkt aantal functies heeft. Wil je dus foto's wat serieuzer bewerken, dan dien je terug te grijpen op eerdergenoemde Photoshop. Daar valt nog mee te leven, maar het feit dat er geen printoptie in deze software zit, stemde ons toch echt bedroefd. Pic. Pick is een licht programma dat zich uitstekend leent voor kleine modificaties aan plaatjes.

Het grijpt de kiekjes ook nog eens direct van je beeldscherm. Wil je echter wat serieuzer te werk gaan, dan zijn Photoshop of het gratis GIMP betere opties.

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