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MSN Dial- up - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. This article is about the Internet service provider. For the website, see MSN. MSN Dial- up is an Internet service provider operated by Microsoft in the United States and formerly also in several other countries.

Originally named The Microsoft Network, it debuted as a proprietary online service on August 2. Windows 9. 5. Today, the company still provides dial- up Internet access under the name 'MSN Dial- up' for those who cannot access high- speed broadband. For several years, MSN was the second largest dial- up ISP in the United States behind longtime leader AOL, but very few people in the U. S. MSN was originally conceived as a subscription- based dial- uponline service and proprietary content provider like America Online or Compu.

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Windows Live Web Messenger was the browser-based version of Windows Live Messenger developed by Microsoft which allowed users to send instant messages online and in. Programas Advanced IP Scanner. Aplicativos para Windows Se controlar apenas um computador

Serve. Then officially known as 'The Microsoft Network', version 1. Windows 9. 5 on August 2. Categories on MSN appeared like folders in the file system. The interface was designed by Clement Mok and employed high color graphics. Product support and discussion was offered through the MSN service, as well as information such as news and weather, basic email capabilities, chat rooms, and message boards similar to newsgroups. It also offered access to the Internet via Internet Explorer. There was debate in the media as to whether MSN would be an 'Internet killer', and some companies hedged their bets for the first year, creating content both on MSN and the World Wide Web.

However, MSN launched too late to be a real threat to the web. Following Bill Gates' internal 'Internet Tidal Wave memo', which refocused Microsoft to be Internet- centric, MSN began to move its content to the web and promote itself more actively as an Internet service provider.

Microsoft eventually shut down any remaining access to the MSN Classic service in 1. MSN 2. 0. When inserted, the CD- ROM opened to the ambitious and flashy 'MSN Preview', an interactive video- based experience that introduced current and prospective subscribers to the new version of MSN and described the features of the MSN 2. The preview also included its own jazz and pop music loop that played during the installation process.

When members signed in, they would be presented with several different 'Channels', which were categories for the various types of content available on MSN. These channels included new services that launched in 1. NBCNews. com that began as a partnership between Microsoft and NBC; and Slate, an online magazine focused on politics and current events. Both websites were available to all Internet users and still exist today, although they are no longer owned by Microsoft. The many shows and sites included an interactive online nightly game show called 'Netwits', a snarky website addressing women's issues called 'Under.

Wire', and a regular celebrity interview and web- surfing session called 'One Click Away'. An additional 'Communicate' section was based around email, chat rooms (which were branded MSN Chat and moved to the standard IRC protocol), and newsgroups (which were moved to Usenet from a proprietary architecture), while a 'Find' section was dedicated to searching MSN content and the rest of the Internet; it also provided a calendar of upcoming events and new shows on MSN. Dangdut Download Hot. High- speed Internet access was not widely available at the time, and some users subscribed to monthly dial- up plans that limited the number of hours during which they were allowed to access the service. The MSN 2. 0 software was also unstable and would often quit unexpectedly. As a result of all these issues, a website called 'The Official ms. NOT Hate Site'. The website claimed Microsoft patently ignored feedback from concerned members and censored anyone who spoke out against the upgrade; it further charged the company's handling of the transition to MSN 2.

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The company returned to the drawing board for its next MSN release. With the release of MSN 2. Metro' and sometimes referred to in marketing materials as 'MSN Premier') in late 1. MSN branded content was still offered through the MSN Program Viewer, but the service primarily directed members to traditional text- based websites that anyone on the Internet could access, instead of interactive shows. MSN also launched 'Friends Online', a predecessor to the MSN Messenger Service that allowed members to add each other as friends, see each other's online presence and send instant messages to one another.

Like the MSN Program Viewer in MSN 2.

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