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Social Media Update 2. Facebook is the dominant social networking platform in the number of users, but a striking number of users are now diversifying onto other platforms. Some 4. 2% of online adults now use multiple social networking sites. In addition, Instagram users are nearly as likely as Facebook users to check in to the site on a daily basis. These are among the key findings on social networking site usage and adoption from a new survey from the Pew Research Center’s Internet Project.

Despite recent growth by services such as Pinterest and Instagram, Facebook remains the dominant social networking platform. As in previous Pew Research surveys of social networking usage, Facebook remains the dominant player in the social networking space. Some 7. 1% of online adults are now Facebook users, a slight increase from the 6. Facebook as of late 2.

While Facebook is popular across a diverse mix of demographic groups, other sites have developed their own unique demographic user profiles. For example, Pinterest holds particular appeal to female users (women are four times as likely as men to be Pinterest users), and Linked. In is especially popular among college graduates and internet users in higher income households. Twitter and Instagram have particular appeal to younger adults, urban dwellers, and non- whites. And there is substantial overlap between Twitter and Instagram user bases.

Facebook and Instagram exhibit especially high levels of user engagement: A majority of users on these sites check in to them on a daily basis. In addition to being the most commonly used social networking platform of the five we measured,  Facebook also has high levels of engagement among its users: 6. Facebook users visit the site at least once a day, with 4. Instagram and Twitter have a significantly smaller number of users than Facebook does, but users of these sites also tend to visit them frequently. Some 5. 7% of Instagram users visit the site at least once a day (with 3.

Twitter users are daily visitors (with 2. For those who use only one social networking site, Facebook is typically—though not always—the platform of choice. Overall, 4. 2% of online adults use two or more of these social networks, while 3. Among those who only use one major social networking platform, 8.

Facebook is the single site that they frequent. However, other “single platform” social networking site users have adopted a site other than Facebook as their platform of choice. Among those who use just one social networking site, 8% use Linked. In, 4% use Pinterest, and 2% each say that Instagram or Twitter is their sole social networking site.

A note on the social networking platforms measured in this survey. In this survey, we only asked about a subset of the social networking sites that people use.

The Pew Research Center’s Journalism Project has collected recent data on the use of other social networking platforms – especially in the context of getting news. To read their material about other sites such as You. Tube, Google+, Tumblr, Reddit, and Vine, please go to http: //www. About this survey. The results in this report are based on data from telephone interviews conducted by Princeton Survey Research Associates International from August 7 to September 1. For results based on the total sample, one can say with 9.

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List of social networking websites. This is a list of major active social networkingwebsites and excludes dating websites (see Comparison of online dating websites). For defunct social networking websites, see List of defunct social networking websites. This list is not exhaustive, and is limited to notable, well- known sites.

The Alexa website rankings are from various time periods. Name. Description/focus. Date launched. Registered users. Registration. Global Alexa. Popular in Iran. 00. Open. 70. 02. 74.

Popular in South Korea. Physicians and medical doctors. Popular UK. 0. 00. Login)7. 00. 14. 80. Popular in South America and Spain. School, college, work, sport and streets.

July 2. 00. 07. 00. Popular in Southeast Asia. No longer popular in the western world. Popular in USA, Canada and Europe. Moderately popular around Asia.

Global, based in France. Kbc 5 Mobile Game Free Download. October 2. 01. 07.

Over 3. 1 communities worldwide. Chat room and user profiles. August 2. 00. 07. Popular in Nepal, Mongolia, Thailand, Romania, Jamaica, Central Africa, Portugal and Latin America.

Not very popular in the USA. Most popular in India. Owned by Google. 00. February 2. 00. 6Open to people 1. In Chinese language. In Simplified Chinese; caters for mainland China users. Open to the general public.

Open, global. 70. Autobiography. Open. Popular in Russia and among the Russian- speaking diaspora abroad. April 1. 99. 97. 00.

Used to plan offline meetings for people interested in various activities. Open to people 1. Global. 70. 06. 73. Popular in Poland. Popular in Europe, Turkey, the Arab world and Canada's Qu. Formerly known as Facebox and Redbox.

Popular in Russia and former Soviet republics. Popular in India and Brazil. Very popular in Taiwan.

Open. 70. 03. 19. In Simplified Chinese; caters for mainland China users.

Sharing and listening to music for free and legally. Open. 70. 05. 61. Popular in Latin America and Spanish and Portuguese speaking regions.

Links members according to where they live. March 2. 01. 17. 00. School students and those out of education sign up via its partner sites sch. Micro- blogging, RSS, updates. July 2. 00. 67. 00. Popular in Russia and former Soviet republics.

September 2. 00. 67. The count for the whole network might be bigger.^ ab. Traffic measurement is difficult to measure accurately due to the site's decentralized nature.^ abc. Alexa only records data for Second- level domains. References^. Retrieved 9 November 2.

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Social Media Demographics for Marketers. Smart marketers constantly tinker with their segmentation strategy, working tediously to ensure that the right message is reaching the right people at the right time. The opportunity certainly is ripe for reaching new audiences, but to do so, you first need to understand where certain groups are clustering. To that end, as. The goal is to empower you to better align your brand’s efforts with the social conversations that matter most, while making lasting, meaningful connections with core groups of brand loyalists.

To get started, jump right to. Pair your personal data with the demographic data we’ve compiled here to.

Your brand undoubtedly has a presence there, but. For instance, luxury goods are more likely to resonate with higher income earners. Facebook. 7. 4% of adults who make between $5. Facebook. 7. 2% of adults who make over $7. Facebook. 6. 9% of adults who make between $3. For the rest of the networks, we turned to more. If so, you’re not completely off the mark.

Here are the Twitter age demographics, according to Pew: 3. Meanwhile, Pew shows that: 2. Twitter. 2. 3% of adults in suburban areas use Twitter.

Twitter. Similar to Facebook, Twitter’s largest audience is the college crowd. Here’s how Twitter’s audience is broken down: 2.

The rapid growth in this user. Let’s dive in to see if your target audience is on the site. Source: This data is based off page 7 of the Pew Research Center Demographics of Key Social. Here’s the breakdown of the percentage of online adults who use Instagram by age: 5. Here’s a breakdown of online adults using Instagram based off location: 2. Instagram users live in urban areas.

Instagram users live in suburban areas. Instagram users live in rural areas. This is the first network that we’ve tackled so far in this post that. According to Linked. In, there are more than 3. The higher average income of users and working.

Here’s a smaller copy for quick reference: Their regional membership includes: 1. M+ users in. If you’re still unsure, just check out all of the success stories on the.

So if your product is more of a leisure good, this is a smart. Even still, the site has great potential for SEO value, so. Back in 2. 01. 3, CEO Evan Spiegel said that Snapchat now shares 4.

Unfortunately, numbers on Snapchat demographics are slim. But we were able to find this tweet from BI Intelligence that succinctly summarizes some good data points. Snapchat Demographics: 7. Uhd. 3Qs. KOpic. twitter.

Ce. 0BMv. Sh. QI. Let’s first take a look at the use of social media cross the entire online adult population. Facebook. 2. 3% of adults use Linked. In. 2. 2% of adults use Pinterest. Instagram. 1. 9% of adults use Twitter. This is pretty telling that, no matter what you’re selling, you’re likely to find new. As for the rest of the networks, you’ll need to drill deeper into this data to see what.

In fact, more than ever, people are starting to use multiple social media networks instead of sticking to just one. Not only does the use of different social networks vary, but the frequency with which people use these networks varies as well. Facebook daily. 4. Instagram daily. 3.

Twitter daily. 1. Pinterest daily. 1. Linked. In daily. In a perfect world, your brand would create a presence on every single social network available and drill into segmentation further for each. Depending on your resources, that may not be feasible, so choose your networks wisely, and make the most of them once there.