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Episode 5 » Dramabeans Korean drama recaps. Yay, what a zippy, fun, character- development- packed episode. Plus there are more puns, zany references, running jokes — I’m nigh drowning in them.

In a good way, of course. It’s also the first episode that got to me emotionally, which is GREAT. I love that phase of a drama that goes from pure comedy to emotional attachment, but pre- Big Angst.

Melo Off My Chest Download

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Eee! SONG OF THE DAYBest Love OST – “. This is the KBSN song we’ve all grown familiar with, whose title is an onomatopoeic sound that indicates the thumping of a heart.

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Script enabled in your browser. EPISODE 5 RECAPPil- joo accompanies his PD friend on a scouting trip, having turned down an invitation from Se- ri. Paused at a red light, Pil- joo spies the big banner touting Ae- jung’s appearance at the nightclub. No wonder, then, that he drops in to see her, only to hear (from Fake Dokko Jin, heh) that Ae- jung canceled her performance at the last minute and left.

Ae- jung wakes up in the car — which is now parked at a different, more scenic locale. She walks out to a dock overlooking an amusement- park castle on the water (as cherry blossoms waft down), and comes face to face with Jin. Trust him to ruin the romance of the moment by pointing out the very romance of the moment, saying, “After being in such a pathetic reality and finding yourself here with me, don’t you feel like you’re dreaming?” Well, when you put it that way.

Jin tells her he bought it: “That performance on the day of your 1. I bought it.” She doesn’t understand why, and he replies that it made him angry: “I don’t like you doing that.” He concedes that it’s understandable she’d be confused when he can hardly believe it: “There’s only one answer to all this. What do you think it is?”She thinks for a moment, then lands on it: “Dokko Jin, it can’t be.

Which is why I feel like a disgrace.” Whew! It’s like he’s channeling Gu Jun- pyo’s ego AND sense of boyish romance. And maturity level. Pil- joo, meanwhile, is bothered at the memory of seeing Ae- jung sleeping in her car outside the nightclub — which was then driven away by Jin. Pil- joo asks his friend about him, and hears that he’s dating Se- ri. Back at the cherry blossoms, Ae- jung confirms that Jin is confessing his feelings for her, using the customary word go- baek.

He replies, “It’s not a go- baek, it’s a ja- baek.” Pffffft! Heh, he’s subbed one word for “confession” with another, but the one he uses is the kind a criminal makes when being interrogated by the police. To pin the blame on her, he says that he’d resisted as long as he could, but she kept pestering him until he had no choice but to cop to his (shameful) feelings. Ae- jung: “In any case, you’re saying you like me.”Jin: “How many times do you have to ask?”Ae- jung: “I just can’t believe it.”Jin : “You may not believe it, but numerically, it’s true.”HAHA. To make his point, he glances at his heart monitor, grimacing at its 1.

Ae- jung takes a look, and as she touches his wrist, the numbers start climbing. She wonders if his monitor’s broken, so he tells her to confirm for herself, and holds her ear to his chest to hear the thumping. With a self- satisfied smile, Jin asks if she’s speechless with the honor and gratitude of receiving his affections.

Is she trembling with the thrill? Ae- jung says, “I do feel honored and thankful — but I’m not trembling.” Jin blusters that sure, she can play a little hard to get, only to have her set him down. She turns his words back on him: “There’s only one answer. What do you think it is? I’m sorry.” Cruuuuushhhhh. How dare she upset this dreamlike scenario?

Matter- of- factly, she responds, “Because it’s a dream, I should wake up. Dokko Jin- sshi, I don’t want to feel all aflutter in my dreams. I have to live diligently with my eyes wide open.” She says she’ll pretend this dream didn’t happen, and he doesn’t have to feel disgraced. She leaves him standing alone, feeling his beating heart.