It is always confusing for students preparing for their Post Graduate (PG) medical entrance exams like AIIMS PG, AIPGMEE, NEET, JIPMER, PGI, CMC, MAHE etc about which. AFMC Entrance Exam 2016. AFMC Pune 2016 Admission to MBBS Course for the session 2016 will be based on AIPMT 2016 Entrance Exam conducted by CBSE this year. NEET will allow candidates to sit in a single entrance examination to get admission to almost all medical colleges for postgraduate courses in India, onward 2011.

COMEDK UGET old exam papers pdf download, COMEDK UGET previous year papers, COMEDK previous test sample papers, COMEDK previous papers in PDF format. Some sample questions of Kerala Medical PG entrance exam is given below: 1. Which of the following conditions is associated with massive splenomegaly? NEET will allow candidates to sit in a single entrance examination to get admission to almost all medical colleges in India, onward 2011. Find study material, papers. Careers360 provides various Medical entrance exam sample papers for you to prepare for all entrance exams, Download them free and improve your preparation strategies.

Medical Pg Entrance Papers Free Download
  1. Passing through PG entrance requires lots of hard work and dedication. Friends of mine who have got through have tried very hard, avoided watching tv, movies etc.
  2. JIPMER PG entrance exam question papers 2016 2017. I am going to appear in JIPMER pg entrance exam so I need its question paper will you provide me it?
  3. Find the latest updates on AMUPMDC & avail the details about Exam dates, Eligibility, syllabus, Exam pattern, Admit card, Results etc., Medical Entrance Exam AMUPMDC.

JIPMER PG entrance exam question papers. Jawaharlal Institute of Postgraduate Medical Education and Research was established on January 1, 1. It is an Indian central government funded institute with autonomy.

As per your demand here I am uploading pdf file having the JIPMER PG entrance exam question papers, there are objective types of the questions available. Following is the content of attachment: 1)Vocalis Muscle is a part ofa)Thyroarytenoidb)Cricoarytenoidc)Transverse arytenoidd)Posterior cricoarytenoid.

Sumatriptan is contraindicated ina)Asthmab)DMc)Coronary artery diseased)peripheral vascular disease. Non granular fungal disease isa)Cryptococcusb)Blastomycosisc)Candidad)4)All following are true of seminiferous tubules excepta)Sertoli cellsb)Leydig cellsc)spermatidd)Spermatogonia.

Sub- poena is aa)Legalb)medicolegalc)Medicald)first info report. Refsum disease is due to defect in enzymea)Phytanic acid oxidaseb)c)d)7)Skin supplied over the angle of mandible and parotid area is bya)Greater auricularb)posterior auricularc)auriculotemporald)facial. Adductor pollicis is supplied bya)Superficial branch of ulnar nerveb)deep branch of ulnar nervec)radial nerve d)median nerve. Ring Scotoma is seen ina)Retinitis Pigmentosab)c)d)1. In a patient, highest visual morbidity is seen ina)Nuclear cataractb)Intumescent cataractc)Posterior subcapsulard)1.

Klumpke paralysis isa)C5,C6. B)C6,C7. C)C8,T1. D)T1,T2. 12)For the treatment of a patient with after cataract which laser is useda)LASICb)YAGc)excimerd)Argon. Most malignant breast tumor of the following isa)inflammatory carcinomab)Mucinous carcinomac)Colloid carcinomad)Paget's` disease of breast. Full thickness graft means: a)Only epidermisb)epidermis and superficial dermisc)epidermis + whole dermisd)epidermis, dermis and subcutaneous tissue.

A 5. 0yr old woman weighing 5. According to Parklands formula ,the amt. The next line of management isa)Conservativeb)Exploration for arterial rupturec)Keep elbow at 9. Open reduction & internal fixation.

Open reduction & fixation does all excepta)consolidationb)Stabilityc)better functiond)Better alignment. In fracture shaft of femur, which nail is commonly used for ORIFa)Kuntshner nailb)Austin Moore pinec)K. The diagnosis isa) porphyriab) renal calculic) cholelithiasisd)5.

In urticaria pigmentosa, the cell most commonly seen in skin on microscopy isa) Mast cellb) Langerhan's cellc) Langhan's celld)5. HZV infection. 59) Topical steroids is used ina) Interstitial keratitisb) bacterial keratitisc) pendroticd) herpetic. An elderly male with dry skin and fissuring scaly skin is likely to havea) nummular eczemab) venous eczemac) asteatotic eczemad)6. In myasthenia gravis, true isa) antibody is present against nicotinic receptorb) decreased Acetylcholine releasec) decreased no of receptorsd) end organ resistance*6.

Insulin sensitivity increases on following treat excepta) metforminb) acarbosec) exercised) fasting. All the following are anticonvulsants excepta) lamotrigineb) methyl phenytolinec) vigabatrind) topiramate.

Side effect of valvular heart disease is seen witha) fenfluramineb) methylphenidatec) amphetamined)6. Side effect of acute pancreatitis is due to following anti HIV drugsa) lamivudineb) zidovudinec) didanosined)6.

The operative procedure done isa) cervicopexyb)Le. Fortec)Manchester. EEG during NREM period of sleep isa) alphab) betac) deltad) theta. The most common cause for stridor in the early day of life isa) laryngomalaciab)esophago- tracheal fistulac) laryngeal stenosisd)1. The incisura of arterial pulse corresponds witha)S1b) S2c) opening snap. S3. 14. 2) the one organism which is responsible for coronary artery diseasea) chlamydiab) klebsiellac) E colid) mycoplasma.

DNA polymeraseb) RNA restriction endonucleased)1. PRd) blood in rectum. USG - Bscanb) retinoscopyc) binoculoscopyd) opthalmoscopy. Ans.********Ref: 1. Herbert's pit is seen ina) vernal conjunctivitisb) atopic conjunctivitisc) gonococcal conjunctivitisd)chlamydial conjunctivitis. ST segment with T wave seen ina) hypokalemiab) hyperkalemiac) hypomagnesemiad) hypocalcemia.

In a meconium aspirated baby following are investigations. Likely cause isa) chronic breast abscessb) tuberculosis of breastc) periductal carcinomad)1.

A child suffering from marasmus was given high protein diet. The metabolic change likely isa) hyperargininemiab) hyperammonemiac) hyperlysinemiad) hypernatremia. ORS fluid used for a marasmic child lacks in (racemol)a) amino acidsb) sodiumc) copperd) magnesium.

AIIMS Papers Free Download Previous Years Question Papers. AIIMS stands for All India Institute of Medical Sciences.

This institute was established as an autonomous body of national repute and importance by an Act of Parliament. This institute offers MBBS programme, the admission to which is made through the AIIMS entrance exam, held every year.

The MBBS degree offered by the institute is recognized by all the universities of the country and abroad and the holders of the degree are entitled the same privileges as offered by other universities. The courses offered are Bachelor of Medicine and Bachelor of Surgery of duration 5 and half years. Examination Pattern: The number of seats offered by the institute every year is 5. MBBS course. A part of these seats is filled through the entrance test conducts by the institute. The test is held in single stage. It is of three and a half hours duration and consists of 2. The questions are all objective type and reason assertion type.

Physics, Chemistry and Biology. Rest 2. 0 questions are of General Knowledge type. All the questions are of equal marks with negative marking for incorrect response. There is negative marking for giving incorrect answers. Syllabus: There is a specified syllabus of the test but the general standard of the entrance exam is that of 1.

PCM followed by different boards of higher secondary education across the country. A general knowledge section is also there. Download AIIMS Papers.

Starting preparations for PG entrance 2. I am starting my journey towards ALL India PG 2. I have taken stock of my mistakes and where I went wrong.

I have decided to take 2. I am publishing my priorities for this year hoping to get some people who have similar ideas, those who would join me in the journey to excellence. Read Ashish Gupta and Mudit Khanna at least 1.

Cover ACROSS thrice. Adobe Flash Player Symbian S60 5Th Edition. Cover PULSE thrice.

PG HUNT thrice. 5. Cover Sure Success and ROAMS twice. MARCH targets. 1. Ashish Gupta and Mudit Khanna 2. For a beginner it seems to be an impossible task. But it is possible for someone who has tried it once. So setting targets for myself is the best way to progress towards a PG seat.

Another point which I have understood is the need for persistence and to stay motivated throughout the year. It is common that many people lose focus, and gets fatigued en route to AIPGME exam. Those with clear goals can achieve what theydeserve. Each of us deserve a PG seat but unfortunately we only very few of those PG seats and if you are focused on any one field like medicine,pediatrics or orthopaedics the job gets harder. There is a specific way to learn medicine, follow the method. Create mnemonics which stick to memory so these mnemonics can be recalled at will.

Please don’t create mnemonics which will not come handy at need. Check out the medical mnemonics section for some interesting mnemonics. As I have always written revision is the key to success. Revise the topics you have read, read only the topics you will be able to revise. Do MCQ’s regularly ,it is the only way to improve your exam taking skill.

Try to learn from mistakes you make in exams, as they are better remembered next time you come across the same question. Check out the MCQ section to revise your medical knowledge.

If you read some preparation books, they will improve the your chances at securing a PG seat. Make sure that you read the right books and the right notes. I have written about some must read books for AIPGME preparation add your suggestions to the list. The life of a PG aspirant can be tough, as years pass by, you chance of getting a PG diminishes exponentially.

So it will be best if you try hard the first time try to get a PG or try second time even harder dedicating your time an energy and secure a PG of your liking. Another important point is not to lose heart even if you fail in first, second or even the third time. Keep trying and you will  win, that is sure. One thing you have to remember is faith in yourself is the only way to success. As Edmond Hilary the man who reached the top of Mount Everest said after failing in his first attempt “ I will come again & conquer you because as a mountain you can’t grow, but as a human, I can.”Each attempt at PG medical entrance increases your knowledge, just don’t give up, explore the possibilities, change your method of writing the exam, alter the method of preparation, remember to revise, success will be yours.

NEET Medical Undergraduate Entrance Exam- Examrace. NEET will allow candidates to sit in a single entrance examination to get admission to almost all medical colleges in India, onward 2. Find study material, papers and more information on NEET 2. Examrace Coaching Programs for NEET NEET Booklist.

Information on useful books for biology, chemistry and physics for NEET 2. NEET was previously called AIPMT.

NEET Exam Pattern. Get information on latest examination pattern, structure, syllabus, notification and more for NEET exam 2. AIPMT. NEET Free Study Material. Examrace is one of the largest- accurate, and comprehensive source of free study material for NEET 2. NEET was previously called AIPMT. NEET Mock Practice Questions.

Download the largest collection of important solved objective questions and mock tests for NEET 2. Examrace is your portal to the most accurate and comprehensive NEET 2. NEET Preparation Tips. Tips to prepare for NEET 2. NEET was previously called AIPMT. NEET Previous Years (Past) Papers.

We provide one of the biggest collection of previous years (past) papers and solutions for NEET 2. NEET was previously called AIPMT. NEET Syllabus. Get syllabus for NEET UG examinations 2. Medical Council of India.