Celtic cross stitch embroideries are predominantly a part of heritage in Irish, Scotts and Minx. These cross stitch patterns are excessively used in our day to day. Alphabet Patterns always come in handy for personalizing Cross Stitch designs and projects. These patterns are provided free by various websites. Learn how to cross stitch with free charts, and patterns - tips, techniques and advice from The World of Cross Stitching magazine, Cross Stitch Crazy, Cross Stitch. Rules for downloading and viewing our free cross stitch charts and patterns, Carrie's Cross Stitch and Carrie's Creations. Free cross stitch charts, designs, patterns and links. Great selection of cross stitch patterns, designs and other needlework fun at Craftown.

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A word of appreciation for art never comes without mentioning the art. Celts are best known for their creativity, poetry, embroidery art, pattern making, myths and stories. Extraordinary tribes, Celts were itinerant warriors. Due to their peripatetic nature they were believed to have roots all over Europe. History has never come across a tribe that was equally famous for their art as they were for their warrior ship. Even after 2. 5 centuries we still have their creative art alive.

We have their stories, myths, metal engravings, knot works, tattoos, body arts, designs and knots. The Celts not only dwelt in Britain, Ireland, Spain, France, Germany but they have also live in Bohemia, Italy and Turkey. This is the same reason Irish, French, Germans, English and Italians particularly have Celtic patterns in their embroideries, tapestries, tattoos and jewellery. Celtic cross stitch is a simple and elegant way of doing embroidery.

This method of embroidery is very old, but still popular as was in ancient times. This embroidery art is the most common and the most appreciated form of the cross stitch. They have rich and deep colors, intricate designs which make them extraordinarily eye catching and unique. The Celtic patterns are typically embellished with geometrical patterns, spirals, interlacing patterns, knot works, alphabets, animal forms and zoomorphic patterns. Celtic cross stitch embroideries are predominantly a part of heritage in Irish, Scotts and Minx. These cross stitch patterns are excessively used in our day to day routines from cushion covers to tapestries, from tea cozies to spectacle’s covers, from clothes to wall hangings. We can find these patterns everywhere all around the world; online, in markets, in books, in kits and in art pattern guides.

Cross stitch unlike other embroideries is easier and simple to learn. Celtic cross stitch patterns come in a wide range of varieties but their knot work is particularly worth trying the cross stitch for. These patterns can be from simple to very intricate ones. You can make a whole range of things for your own self or for your home d.

So if Celtic art has ever inspired you either in form of clip arts or any other Celtic patterns, I would recommend you to make a cross stitch of the same pattern on your favorite piece of clothing, your bag or even a wall hanging. You can purchase a kit or get a pattern to make or you can even transform your favorite pattern into cross stitch pattern by pattern generating cds or aids. Alphabets, animal patterns, geometrical designs and knots are the basic themes of Celtic cross stitch patterns. These usually come in the form of kits with complete materials required for the embroidery. These cross stitch kits include pattern, fabric for embroidery, embroidery threads and needles. These kits either come with the frame or without a frame, depending on the customer’s choice. You can even order them online for your home delivery.

Yes you can start it even today!!!! Good luck for your imminent venture. Get started on your celtic cross stitching projects with these interesting articles.

Free Baby- Themed Cross Stitch Patterns. Baby gifts are always a good thing to have on hand.

These free patterns will help you get started on a sweet project for a little one. These patterns are provided free by various Cross Stitch websites. If you have a question about the pattern, contact the person in charge of the website. Remember that the patterns may be copyright protected, so please respect the terms of use for the free Cross Stitch patterns. For more free baby- themed designs see Free Baby- Themed Designs by Connie G.