Lil Wayne Carter 2 Zip File

The Demise of Cash Money Records and Lil Wayne's Fight for Freedom. Neilson Barnard, Getty Images“Cash Money Records, where dreams come true.” That statement was once confidently stated by rap legend. With more than a decade under his belt at the time and as the franchise player for arguably the preeminent brand of southern rap, Cash Money Records, Weezy was the man of the moment and on a rampage to prove his claim as “the best rapper alive.”All the while, Bryan Williams — known to the rap world as Baby or.

After scooping up Drake and Nicki Minaj via his Young Money imprint, the Cash Money empire had appeared to have weathered the tumultuous storm and was set to dominate for at least another decade or two — after all, it wasn’t like Baby or Wayne would have it any other way. But the hip- hop world got a rude awakening on Dec. Lil Wayne took to Twitter and let off a string of scathing tweets directed towards Birdman and Cash Money as a whole. The plot only thickened weeks later when rumors surrounded a lawsuit Lil Wayne was set to file against Birdman and Cash Money for $8 million. Last month, he officially filed the suit for a whopping $5.

And taking a look at Birdman’s shaky- at- best history of paying people for their services and a regular defendant in a lawsuit, you would be a fool to have thought for one second that he would be gentlemanly about this. The interesting part of this is Young Money cash cows Drake and Nicki Minaj. Having discovered the two artists and taken their careers to astronomical heights, he has made it clear that he intends on bringing his proteges along with him if he does part ways with Cash Money. But with the various contract stipulations and hands in the pot, the litigation would be hell for all parties involved and possibly stall the careers of Drizzy and Minaj for the foreseeable future, let alone Lil Wayne. Plenty of cards have yet to be put on the table to even fathom the contractual red tape surrounding the situation. Movies like this tend to play out ugly and could take years for the script to be finalized, with regard for the fans left on the cutting room floor. Sure, there are ways to find loopholes in the system and get the music to the people directly, but who wants to do that when you’re chasing the immortality of rap giants whose own legacies hinge on actual albums when it’s all said and done.

Definitely not Weezy, Nicki or Drake. Speaking of legacy, Wayne’s is on the verge of taking a hit. Internet Download Manager And Serial Number Free Download read more. If you’ve been reading the writing on the wall for the past few years, you’re aware that there are whispers that the once unstoppable rapper is slowly devolving into a shell of his former self. You could attribute that to his stint in prison, lack of drugs or the drugs themselves turning him into a rapping Ozzie Osbourne, but whatever it is, Wayne hasn’t sounded like the best rapper alive in nearly half a decade. Many fans — just check Twitter — are looking to . That pressure, added with the emerging presence of Young Thug and Rich Homie Quan — both have aligned themselves with Birdman and all parties using the partnership to their benefit with fruitful results — may have drove Weezy over the edge, inspiring his rant and release from Cash Money to make room for Rich Gang’s bromance.

Lil Wayne Carter 2 Zip File

Lil Wayne’s reason for finally seeing the light and deciding to distance himself from Birdman doesn’t really matter at this point; we’re just glad that he finally came to his senses and decided to man up, regardless of the consequences. Birdman may be an intriguing character with a magnetic presence and a penchant for enthralling slick- talk, but he’s not necessarily the kind of guy that I’d want next to the rappers I support. He’s notorious for not paying the very artists that help afford him his lavish lifestyle. Artists, like Lil Wayne, have dedicated years of their life, let alone career, to the CMB cause. Just look at Mannie Fresh, who learned a valuable lesson in getting stiffed when coming up under the Cash Money regime. Diddy may be regarded as rap’s resident paper gangster, but Birdman surely takes the cake — he’s even been rumored to take advantage of his artist’s drug addictions and use them to his benefit.

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If those accounts are true, a guy as shady as that doesn’t deserve the admiration he gets when he’s nothing more than a rap industry slumlord, treating the tenants of his musical empire with no respect or regard for their living situation.

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After plenty of record label and Young Thug- related drama he. Yes, Free Weezy Album is here, and on the (second) date Tunechi announced to boot.

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As his first official offering since Sorry 4 The Wait 2 (listen to it here), FWA features Jeezy, Wiz Khalifa, Cory Gunz, Euro and more plus plenty of new names on the production tip. For now, the stream is up on Tidal exclusively so click here. But as you know, nothing stays exclusive to Tidal for long so when a stream becomes available we’ll add it here. Update: Like clockwork, here’s a free stream, no sign- up necessary. Update #2: The stream was taken down by request. You’ll either be signing up for Tidal to hear the project or be left to your own devices. Update #3: Free Weezy Album is now available to stream on Spotify, so enjoy it below.

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