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Aeries Student Information System - Eagle Software. Version Date - 9/1. Page. Comments. Gradebook Assignment Categories. Download Lean Back.Mp3 here.

Categories can now have colors assigned to them. Also, added logic to delete . An option to add students to Google Classroom at the time when they are scheduled into a section has been added.

An option to enable a Google Classroom nightly sync has been added to ensure that new students are linked to their Google Classrooms. An option to select only certain schools to be able to use Google Classroom features has been added. A new performance enhancement option has been added which, when enabled, will only look at the ESI table for a linked Google account; this will improve performance by decreasing outbound Google API calls during the linking process.

Options to suspend accounts that are no longer linked to a student record, and suspend accounts outside age/grade ranges have been added. Options to only sync students within a grade and or age range have been added. An option to populate the External Student IDs table with information from Google accounts has been added. Also, the update process ended prematurely if the data file included commas, fixed. If enabled, the load process of the Scores By Class page will trigger the Add/Drop Students based on changes in Class Enrollment. The user will receive an email when the process is complete. This potentially caused duplicate AHC, AHS, and AHD records when enrolling students in summer school, fixed.

Also, this page now has an accurate Online Help link defined. This feature is represented by different colored triangle shapes within the score cells. Also, various text fields have been adjusted to better fit the space without cutting off. The barcode was unable to be scanned since it was too close to the border, and it has been enlarged for more accurate scanning, fixed. In addition, the track code was not printing, fixed. It will be fixed in a future release.

Confirming a record will create a PGM record with code . Also, on this step there is a new question regarding parent/guardian military status which will, similar to the Residence Survey, need to be confirmed by office.

This confirmation process will be available on the new Military Survey Audit page. Military Survey questions have been added and are configurable on this tab.

The Family Information tab also includes new options to disable the Military Survey and Residence Survey from displaying during the data confirmation process. The system defaults both survey areas to being enabled but has the ability to disable either of the questions if needed. Also added logic to verify that a record can be deleted before allowing it, and ensure the ID field can be changed before allowing based on existing references.

Also when inactivating a student, the Course Attendance Leave Date will now default to today instead of tomorrow (like Client). The number of line that users can add has increased from five to ten lines. Extra empty fillers were added when Pushing to SBE with the . When this option is turned on, clerks and administrators can take attendance for each period individually.

The FOF table will be searched first and then PGM if nothing was found in FOF. Most pages in Aeries already support these features.

This release adds an additional 1. Most pages in Aeries already support these features. This release adds an additional 1. This batch of changes includes the ability to add assignments among other features. Microsoft's Class Notebook team will be working with these new API end points to build an interface between One.

Note and the Aeries Gradebook: www. Further details will be released soon. Messages have been added to inform users of the selected options. Also, if an existing gradebook was selected in Step 1, a backup of that gradebook would be created before restoring. The restore process was restoring a backup into the current gradebook instead of the selected gradebook in Step 1, fixed. The teacher portal group's read permissions will now be effective in all years.

Also, entered score was not displaying in the main grid, fixed. Logic has been added to prevent Quick Data Entry from updating Not Applicable / Transfer Grade score unless the . This potentially caused duplicate ENR records when enrolling students in summer school, fixed. This new screen, only available in the Web- Based Version of Aeries can be used to gather information for CCPT reporting as well. This screen is optional this school year but will be required to be used next year.