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Wordcraft of Oregon, LLC, Eastern Oregon publisher of speculative fiction, science fiction, poetry and other genres. Owned and operated by David and Sue Memmott, La Grande, Oregon. June 1, 2. 01. 6STORY COLLECTION BY NATE LIEDERBACHBLESSINGS GALORE, stories Nate Liederbach. ISBN: 9. 78- 1- 8. LCN:  2. 01. 69. 31. First Trade Paperback, 6.

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X 9. 0, 1. 66 pgs., $1. Cover design by Kristin Summers, www. Cover art by Lindsey Stern Author Photo by Michelle Kyoto Crowson . The scope ranges from the apocalyptically large to the intimately small, and all of it is interesting and moving.

Chances are taken, and they pay off. Yes, there is a high jumping economist and witches and outlaws and a tongue to be shaved, but also a candy bar from the past and roadkill, and you get to take your daughter to heaven for a little vacation. I love finding rare writers who are telling the stories only they can tell. Settle in and be ready to be surprised by Blessings Galore.

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Eloquent, yet tight, Blessings Galore is a heady mixture of stunning story and thoughtful philosophy. Nate Liederbach punches not up or down in this wild collection, but straight at the reader's chest, where all the blood and muscle converges- -in other words, these stories are not even remotely for the faint of heart. Among other honors, his writing has received the Academy of American Poets' Larry Levis Prize , the Atlantic Monthly College Nonfiction Prize, a Best New Poets inclusion, and the Utah Original Writing Competition's Short Fictin Award. Helives in Olympia, Washington.

In Sea- Level Nerve: Book One, the urgency of our greatest challenge is perhaps more audible. In Book Two,   Grabill shatters every conceivable divide we have become so comfortable with. The narrator, a young teenager, splits her time between caring for a drug- addicted mother and navigating her own desire for understanding. With no one to look after her, she finds herself enmeshed in her mother's lavish parties and becomes the object of affection of an older man. After discovering her father in an affair, she becomes obsessed with her father's mistress. What follows is a sweet, but unseemly, relationship between the two females and a devastating tragedy that changes the family forever.

Written in dark, lyrical prose, Rooms for Ghosts takes us on a journey that is rife with longing and confusion as the narrator searches for the love that seems to elude her. The innocence of adolescence is demolished and the world turns in a very short time. Executed with graceful and memorable language, a textured and languid narrative, and compelling insight into the gnarly confusion of adolescence, Brigando layers the story delicately and deeply, plunging the reader into the truths and dares of this young girl's search for love. Brigando sets a blistering pace that never lets up. Her story is filled with glittering images and an envious sense of timing that belies the fact that this is her first novel.

Ghosts is a dazzling coming of age narrative dense with stunning descriptions that are sometimes tender and loving, but sometimes shockingly brutal as well. Edgy, in your face, the author never holds back, never flinches, even though some timorous readers might wish she had. She earned her Master of Fine Arts degree in English and Creative Writing at Mills College in 2. This is her first novel. June 1, 2. 01. 5#4 IN THE WORDCRAFT SERIES OF FABULIST NOVELLAS. Julia is 4- years- old and her Mama has stolen her away to the mountains of northern New Mexico where everything is unfamiliar and everyone is unknown. Lonely and often forced to take care of herself during Mama's many .

Tree has been around longer than anyone and witnessed the village change from thriving ranching town to hippie commune to bedroom community. When Julia's Nana comes to visit and a traveling Circus moves in next door it seems like everything will change for the better, but Tree is the first to notice the eerie sensation of nothingness deep beneath its roots. De. Biase poignantly renders the mystery, magic and terror inherent in nature and childhood., and does so with vigorous simplicity. In what amounts to a deftly executed balancing act: charm holds hands with tender sorrow; reality dissolves inside of dreams; and peeled layers reveal deeper mysteries. Or to spin it another way: an existential fairy tale for insomniacs. As activist as it is feminist, De.

Biase follows the abrupt agony when the body is confronted with death. Cob Halo Of Blood Mp3 Download on this page.