GM Transmissions and Transfer Cases: Chevrolet, Buick, GMC, Cadillac. Genuine GM parts transmissions. GM transmission assemblies are engineered and built specifically for Chevrolet, Buick, GMC, and Cadillac vehicles. The latest GM engineering updates provide OEM standards equal to those in new GM transmissions and components.

These units are plug- n- play with GM vehicles so you can minimize lengthy installs and labor costs. GM supplies the proper fit and offers technicians a subscription- based TIS2. Web software program for accurate calibration during service replacements. Each part is equal in quality to original GM equipment and designed according to OEM engineering and manufacturing standards. GM Parts also offers a . Using a combination of reconditioned and new parts, remanufactured transfer cases from Genuine GM Parts are built, tested and validated to meet GM- approved service part requirements and OE manufacturing standards. Limited Warranty Information.

Find used light and medium duty straight trucks, cargo vans, box trucks, cabover trucks, reefers, flatbed trucks and cab and chassis trucks in the US and Canada. Medium-Duty Update: Winners, Losers and Overall Steady Growth Gasoline power keeps gaining and alternative fuels climb in lighter classes August 2013, TruckingInfo. We offer rebuilding of almost any transmission. Here are some transmissions we can rebuild and offer for sale below. Listing transmissions from GM first, Ford. Genuine GM Parts offers original GM equipment new and remanufactured engines for Chevrolet, Buick, GMC, and Cadillac vehicles.

For the 2005 model year, the Ford Super Duty trucks were given exterior and interior updates. For the exterior, a new grille, front bumper, and headlights were. Original equipment transmissions & transfer cases you can trust Tested to meet or exceed GM OE specifications, only Genuine GM Parts offers transmissions and transfer. If you can't find the Hino Medium Duty Truck Repair Manuals, Hino Wiring Diagrams, Hino Diagonstic Code Readers, Hino Diesel Scan Tools, or Hino Diesel Engine. Cara Mendownload Informasi Dalam Bentuk Pdf there. View and Download GMC 2014 Sierra owner's manual online. GMC Sierra Automobile pdf manual download.

Limited warranty covers parts and labor, and is fully transferable, adding value if the vehicle is ever sold. Product. Cataloged Passenger Car & Light Duty Truck (Series 1. Cataloged Medium Duty Truck (Series 4. Class A Motor Home, Taxi & Police.

Gmc Medium Duty Manual Transmissions

Non- Cataloged Passenger Car, Light- Duty Truck & Medium- Duty Truck. Other (Start- up Warranty)3. Engines, Automatic Transmissions & Transfer Cases. Manual Transmissions VTi(CVT)1. N/AEngine & Transmission Components.

N/AMust be installed in a . Parts only warranty when consumer repaired or when installed in non- highway application. Coverage limited to defects in material and/or workmanship of the specific part only.

Gmc Medium Duty Manual Transmissions

Get Remanufactured 42RE Transmissions at Street Smart Transmission. Buying a used A500 transmission may save you money. However, if the unit does not work properly. General Motors is an innovator of automatic transmissions, introducing the Hydra-Matic in 1940. This list includes some GM transmissions.

Parts- only warranty when sold over the counter. Includes Allison 1. Series assemblies sold through GM Dealers. Engine upgrades require appropriate associated parts to ensure proper engine and transmission cooling and torque capacity, fuel/air delivery and emission controls (upgrade example: 3. Parts and labor warranty when installed by a GM Dealer or qualified installing Independent Service Center (ISC).

List of GM transmissions - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. General Motors is an innovator of automatic transmissions, introducing the Hydra- Matic in 1.

Through the 1. 95. GM alone. All of GM's early automatic transmissions were replaced by variants of the Turbo- Hydramatic by the 1. Turbo- Hydramatic. The basic rear- wheel drive Turbo- Hydramatic spawned two front- wheel drive variants, the transverse. Turbo- Hydramatic 1. Turbo- Hydramatic 4. A third variant was the light- duty rear wheel drive Turbo- Hydramatic 1.

European models. Heavy- duty rear wheel drive. L8. 0HD (heavy duty version of TH4.

Medium- duty rear wheel drive. Light- duty rear wheel drive.

Also manufactured and used by Holden as the Trimatic transmission. Transverse front wheel drive. Longitudinal front wheel drive. Most early electronic transmissions use the . Ford will let GM use the 1. In- return, General Motors will let Ford use its GM designed 9- speed transmission (transverse gearbox) for front- wheel drive cars.

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Transfer Cases for GMC and Chevy Vehicles. Chevy Transfer Cases For Sale. GM used part- time, gear drive, cast iron transfer cases for all 4. The T2. 21 was reasonably strong, but it was often difficult to seal against oil leaks. Despite it’s extreme weight and rugged front range section, the 3- section NP2. Very few converted 2. The NP2. 05 was the sole transfer case choice for all 1.

GM 4. Starting in 1. GM full- size trucks of up to 3/4 ton rating came with the lightly built, synchronized, aluminum housing, NP2. Manual Shift NP2. NP2. 43 version of the same case hit the market in 1. The NP2. 07 was used until 1. You get the idea here, I have been a transmission repair person for over 3.

It is obvious that I have worked on many of the above transfer cases or I would not have such a detailed memory of them. I can say with good authority that the older model transfer cases will come as rebuilt transfer cases only. It is risky to sell an old used transfer case, however we do supply the newer model transfer cases in low mileage used units. You have transfer case questions, we have realistic answers, Call Got. Transmissions. com @ 8.