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Android 4. 0 Ice Cream Sandwich vs Android 4. Jelly Bean . Android 4.

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Ice Cream Sandwich is available officially only on over 1. Android 4. 1 Ice Cream Sandwich is approaching the 1% mark. Sure, there are plenty of unofficial ways to run either Android version on your existing device already, but we’re strictly referring to official Android builds here.

Whether you’re already an Android device owner, or whether you’re thinking about buying an Android smartphone or tablet, the Android version that runs on that gadget must certainly be a buying factor. So, what should you buy? An ICS- based device, hoping to see the Jelly Bean update roll out in a timely fashion – which is not what usually happens in the Android world – or a Jelly Bean- running device, one that will let you enjoy the very latest mobile OS fresh out of Google’s labs? We have pitched Android 4.

Ice Cream Sandwich vs Android 4. Jelly Bean on video, and we’re about to show you our findings. In addition to helping you make an informed buying decision, our ICS vs JB comparison will also help existing Android users decide whether installing a custom Jelly Bean version on your ICS- running device is a good idea. In order to perform an objective Ice Cream Sandwich vs Jelly Bean comparison, we used two Samsung Galaxy Nexus, one running Android 4. Ice Cream Sandwich and the other one having Android 4. Jelly Bean installed. Needless to say, these are AOSP Android OS versions with absolutely no modifications or customizations on top of their factory settings.

And since the two phones were identical, we were able to clearly see the differences between the ROMs running on them, without worrying about differences in hardware. Ice Cream Sandwich (left) vs Jelly Bean (right)So let’s look at this ICS vs Jelly Bean update. Spoiler alert: it’s all about, speed, aesthetics and search. The Speed. Jelly Bean is not a major update compared to ICS, as Google worked on three main components: speed and overall performance (Project Butter), “delightful improvements” for some of the most important Android apps and overall experience, and, last but not least, a complete Google Search app overhaul. User interface – the same, but(ter) faster.

From the get- go, you’ll notice in our comparison video (embedded at the end of the post) that Jelly Bean is smoother and overall faster than Ice Cream Sandwich. Granted though, in some instances it may be harder to see the difference. The Jelly Bean User Interface (UI) looks almost the same as ICS’, but that doesn’t mean there aren’t plenty of new features in Android 4.

Ice Cream Sandwich (left) vs Jelly Bean (right)In both the ICS and the Jelly Bean stock ROMs, we discover a similar background image, the same app icons and app placement, and an identical Google Search bar. Comparatively, ICS looked nothing like its predecessor, Android 2. Tamil Vastu Software Free Download. Gingerbread. But Jelly Bean runs smoother, it’s more responsive, and, in most cases, it will beat ICS to the punch when it comes to transitioning to UI elements, loading apps, web pages or delivering results. All that’s possible thanks to Jelly Bean’s “Project Butter”.

We’re looking at graphics running at 6. Hz screen refresh rate, and triple buffering support, which helps Jelly Bean predict what you’re going to do next depending on your finger’s position on the touchscreen. That’s where the extra speed comes from when performing mundane, regular tasks on the device. Sure, some of you might not notice the smoothness of Jelly Bean when compared to ICS, but it’s definitely there, especially if you analyze it in slow motion. Since we’re talking about speed, we may as well throw some numbers in from the quick benchmark tests we put the Galaxy Nexus smartphones running ICS and Jelly Bean through. Sun. Spider 0. 9.

Java test. When performing the Sun. Spider Java test on Jelly Bean, we obtained a 1. ICS when recording the video. In this case, lower is better, and therefore Jelly Bean wins, as its faster than its predecessor.

It’s worth noting though that Android 4. Android 4. 0 did in our earlier Gingerbread vs ICS comparison – at the time Gingerbread scored 1. Galaxy Nexus. That means that, in Jelly Bean, the browser will load web pages even faster than in previous OS versions, which is great news, especially considering that Chrome will become the default browser on Android Jelly Bean devices. While recording the video, Jelly Bean scored 2. ICS scored 1. 93.

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This significant update is available to all owners of this edition. September 2. 3, 2. Drzewiecki Design - Sheremetyevo XP Updated. UUEE Moscow Sheremetyevo XP from Drzewiecki Design is a highly detailed scenery of Sheremetyevo Airport in Moscow, Russia for X- Plane 1. Sheremetyevo is the second largest airport in Russia.

This scenery offers the highest level of accuracy in geographic positioning, modeling and texturing. The v. 1. 5 update add compatibility with Moscow City XP, updated airport layout, new runway under construction visible and more. September 2. 2, 2. Prepar. 3D v. 3. 4 Available Now. Lockheed Martin announces the release of an update to Prepar. D, now at version 3.

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Rolling Cumulus expands their range of South American adventures for FSX with The Inca Expedition. It features great scenery and expeditionary flights within dangerous missions.

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September 2. 0, 2. RTMM Announces Blue Wave Energy Partners Project. The . There will be over 4. Conference guests include Aerosoft, Dovetail Games, Majestic, Rex Simulations, Airline.

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Logitech Acquires Saitek. For the past year or so much of Saitek's extensive line of controllers and avionics have been unavailable. Today it has been announced that Saitek has been acquired by Logitech which hopefully will mean renewed availability of their products. September 1. 6, 2. Feel There - Tower! DTower! 3. D from Feel.

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