Fiat Uno Ie Manual RepairFiat Uno Ie Manual Repair

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  • Car enthusiasts are always happy to ascribe personalities to the cars of a certain country. Therefore German cars are durable and efficient, American cars are tough.
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Free Fiat Repair Service Manuals. Car enthusiasts are always happy to ascribe personalities to the cars of a certain country. Therefore German cars are durable and efficient, American cars are tough, while Japanese cars are technically excellent. In keeping with this vehicular stereotyping, Italian vehicles are stylish and passionate. This is very much the impression people have about Fiat, one of the most famous car manufacturers to hail from Italy.

With strong presence in the mid- and higher range of the auto industry, Fiat is a name known by everyone who knows anything about cars. Although Italian cars have a reputation for temperament which matches their personality, it would be unfair to level that criticism at the Fiat brand .

That is not to say that you. A repair guide will increase your level of confidence when taking long journeys and will allow you to identify any faults in good time to get them fixed. Where Can I find a Fiat Service Manual? Although many people prefer a bound hard copy of a service manual, it makes good sense to download a free copy from this site and simply print it off. The major advantage of doing it this way is that you will be able to print off more than one and replace any you lose (or any that get dirty when you carry out repairs).

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Please try to make the question as detailed as possible, with all the information necessary for a comprehensive answer included. Just recently the car started to lose power at around 6.

I've unfortunately let the diesel run into the red a couple of times and last weekend the above symptoms happened five times on one trip before the car finally stopped. It started again but then cutout immediately. The RAC used their diagnostic machine and found fault P0. Rotor Position intermittent. I've been told that this means the fuel pump has gone and could cost around .

I've also read other forums where people have suggested running a pipe from a fuel can straight to the fuel filter as the problem could be dirt in the pipes. Any suggestions please as I can't justify spending . After refuelling. I have removed the whole top parcel shelf to see if there is any water build up but there is nothing.

But the window seal at the top there is a gap between where the seal goes around the window. It has also supposedly because of this some sort of electrical thing going on, ie- it lights up engine fault, the temp gage goes up and down madly but water level is good, got no user manual with it, wanted to find out how many glow plugs it has, and also where they are, any help much appreciated, I've even polished it already. It's is the Doblo 1. At the Dash June. Hertfordshire. Report Spam or Abuse.

Sarah, Essex. Fiat Doblo. I have an a Fiat Doblo 2. Multijet Eleganza 2. SOMEWHERE. I've had several mechanics and electrical guys look at it but all are stumped. Please refer to owner manual. I have had a number of mechanics look at the problem, non of whom are able to answer and solve this problem.

When stationary and the revs are raised quickly then allowed to settle. Plug cables, the plugs themselves have been changed recently with no effect. No engine management problems registered. Is anyone available to advise on this one please?

I put a bottle of injector cleaner in with a tank of fuel and it seemed to clear it up after a couple good runs with the engine hot. Krypton. from France. Report Spam or Abuse.

Mike, North Yorkshire. Fife. Fiat Doblo. Report Spam or Abuse. Fife. Fiat Doblo. My mechanic has had the car for 6 weeks and cannot find the cause. Can someone recommend anyone in Brighton or Hove who can help me and him fix it? Help, as I want it fixed!

It snapped off where it bolts on to the door, I unbolted it on the door jamb but it won`t come out through the hole so I had to bolt it back on to stop it falling back into the void behind the wheel arch. Also I have a water leak on the left hand side of the high roof, either the high top windows or the high top join to the body. Not a bad leak but it`s annoying. Water comes out at the front close to the sun visor. I can`t seem to find where it is coming in. I have taped around the high top windows and high - top join but no joy. Report Spam or Abuse.

THE FIAT DOBLO MAN, South Lanarkshire. Fiat Doblo. Need instructions for removing the passenger side door mirror assembly on a Fiat Doblo 1. Multijet 2. 00. 7. Also where on the internet can I read the Fiat Doblo repair manual for free? He also told me to use an engine cleaner (REDEX or something similar) once a year to help keep the engine and filter clean.

I have just purchased a 2. It was smoking so I changed the PDF and a flexi pipe. The problem is, after a number of miles as before, the engine management light comes out and the car LOSES POWER significantly. Smoking seemed to disappear though. Bargello Wave Quilt Pattern Download there. My Fiat garage has done a diagnostic today and could find no fault, they think I need to change the instrument panel and go on from there if that doesn't work.

Any suggestions please? Expensive solutions suggested by Fiat dealerships. Problem solved by Richard Dalton Garage Newcastle- under- Lyme Staffordshire. Problem was with earthing connections from battery to vehicle body.

Advice on used X5 purchase. Well. Watch them come back and say its drivers abuse...