Feudalism Cheats, Codes, Hints, Tips. The encyclopedia of game cheats. A die hard gamer would get pissed if they saw someone using cheats and walkthroughs in.

If you are an avid gamer and want a few extra weapons and tools the survive the game, Cheat. Book Data. Base is. Find even secrets on our page: Feudalism. Submitted by: rakosmanjr. UNLIMITED GOLD AND A LEVEL 5.

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CHARACTER. - -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -. First go to the . Next select any character. Then right click. Wait a few seconds... Take any. unit and put them in the last spot for reserves.

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Click on the arrow on the right and. Save the game and close your. Reload your saved game file and go to the barracks.

Go to the end of the. If done correctly, a unit will be flashing between all of the unit looks. Then Remove your melee weapon and drag it and drop it on the ranged weapon. Better using Higher weapons (more money). Only if. you can equip. Start off with the viking guy. Next, you go fight them.

But you don't fight them first. Don't click it. you must right click on your. You will see a back. And then click it.

Feudalism 2 Downloads

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Feudalism 2 Downloads

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Feudalism 2 Cheats, Codes, Hints, Tips. Rocketfish 3.5 Sata External Hard Drive Enclosure Kit read more. The encyclopedia of game cheats.

A die hard gamer would get pissed if they saw someone using cheats and walkthroughs in. If you are an avid gamer and want a few extra weapons and tools the survive the game, Cheat.

Book Data. Base is. Find even secrets on our page: Feudalism 2.

Submitted by: David K. If you are low on health potions don't.

A magic weapon can really. The code that you press right when you do a new character is false! I found. a working cheat! You go in a forge an put only a rune in the emlpacement. If you're at 8. 00 runes, when you'll come back, it will.

It's just because the last 0 is hidden. Go to Forge Level up 1. You go to the city hall save again. If it fails die somehow since you saved before. Then continue to Save and to level up. Next give yourself a name..

Now go. to he weapons bar to choose which weapons you'll have special moves for.. Get meditation and. Now go to your auras section.

FIRST place you spend points). By the way, you'll be soloing every city- I did, and it.

Was. easier and quicker than with troops. Get Holy Tribunal, Balance of Power, and Healing(the.

Get a quest that pays for 5. Btw never do delivery quests! Then go to upgrade your stats at the bottom. Spend your one Skill Point on Holy Tribunal (NOT an attack).

Now on the. same screen on the right, spend your Stat Points as follows: 5. Do quests there until ur lvl 3. The enemy will have automatic.

You can now. just switch to any weapon desired when you are on the horse. Make sure you have the version which can costumize characters.

Then choose your aura skills as: balance of force, venom cloud, and unholy. Choose which ever passive skills wanted.

Start in the South desert and go to Mosul. Go. to the marketplace and get like 1. Go to the forge and level one up to level ten. Put all the special. Get enough levels on each. Get the Special moves as Katar, Two- handed sword. Go get a assassin katar.

Level up and get the meteor strike. Then build you army to. Then build up the moves to smashing.

Then you take the small cities and build up your army. Then take the big cities.

HINT(add runes to them for. When you have good enough troops take over ceasaria. Ra- gorod and get the great hero and. If you took the time to read this reply on the cite tell. Train your charecter until you can. Grek fire and train your throwing skill and get a horse. You ill be invinsible Greek.

It also damages multiple. For every battle, first. Use Banshee Cry. You will. This hint is great for anyone finding it hard to start off Feudalism 2. It is, by my opinion, the most valuable of all aura skills, since it is very useful. Enjoy watching guys kill their.

Gain your. dexterity to level 9. Most important tips.. SAVE AGAIN, 2: Before you get to the.

Put custimize and make a ninja that can. With mace, use number one special attack to. Same with. dual weapons and spear. For this u need throwing skills for more effective throwing.

Your aura skills need to be Balance of Force, Banshee Yell, and Sacrifice. Be sure to buy lots of potions and use them often. Use the katana and the. Also, just let your troops do all the. Choose custom character. Make your strength to 8. Before that , you must find the Thanatos rune.

After that , go to Nara- . Buy a Clover- Spike Spear .

And before you can get Flame Magic , you must upgrade all the. Special Skill until max level. Equip The Greek of Fire and Clover- Spike Spear. Then you will. able to use Flame Magic. It was really powerfull and the. This is really useful when you fighting with. Group of Archer which sitting in a group then when you use this Skill all of it can died.

Make sure you have a Strength up to 8. Go to Tilfis. and buy Sun Flame. Make sure you have two Wolverine Runes to add extra damage. Also, make. sure you have Throwing up to at least 6. He can be from any nation.

I recommend the Far East Empire. The special moves should be for the Katana. Also pick a. special move for a ranged weapon, crossbow is recommended since it is one of the most powerful. The third special move can be whichever you like. For the passive skills, you can.

For the Aurora skills, it is ABSOLUTELY necessary to put the skills as. Banshee Cry. But be careful, because it CAN and WILL kill you if you are not prepared with enough healing. Buy like 3. 0 apprentices (if not able to fight some rouges).

Go to the Capital buy the Eclipse katana and. I know it cost alot but that's why you buy one at a. After that do a whole bunch of quest.