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During Ritz analysis, four main operations include: Solving for new vectors. Cleaning new vectors with respect to previous. Orthogonalizing the final Ritz vector set. Post- processing and saving the vectors.

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Multiple cores are used only for (1), which dominates when the. When more than 2. DOF are needed as Ritz vectors, direct integration should be. Why does the total number of Ritz vectors requested affect the. Ritz vectors? Extended Question: When 1. Ritz modes are requested, the.

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Rx, with 2. 50 modes, is almost 1. However, when only 5. Rx reaches only. about 7.

Is there an explanation? Answer: Unlike Eigen vectors, Ritz vectors do not always produce. For example, with sets of 2. Eigen vectors, the first 2. However, with sets of 2. Ritz vectors, none may be the same, though lower.

When the Ritz Vectors option is selected as the Type of. Analysis, use the List of Loads and Ritz Load Vectors list boxes and the Add and Remove buttons to specify the starting Ritz vectors. Any number of starting load vectors can be specified. Each starting load vector may be one of the.

An Acceleration Load in the global X, Y, or Z. A static load case. A built- in nonlinear deformation load, as described. For response- spectrum analysis, only the acceleration loads.

For time- history analysis, one starting load vector is needed for each load case or acceleration load that is used in any time- history case. If nonlinear time- history analysis is to be performed, an. You may specify that the program use the. If you define your own starting load vectors, do the.

Explicitly define a static load case that consists of a set. Specify that load case as a starting load.

The number of such load cases required is equal to the. If several link elements act together, you may be able to.

For example, suppose the horizontal motion of several base isolators are coupled with a diaphragm. Only three starting load vectors acting on the diaphragm are. Independent load cases may still be required to represent any vertical motions or rotations about the. It is strongly recommended that mass (or mass moment of. This is automatic for acceleration loads, because the load is caused by mass. If a static load case or.

Such starting load vectors may generate inaccurate Ritz vectors, or even no Ritz vectors at. Generally, the more starting load vectors used, the more. Ritz vectors must be requested to cover the same frequency range. Thus, including unnecessary starting load vectors is not recommended. In each generation cycle, Ritz vectors are found in the. In the last generation cycle, only as many Ritz vectors will be found as required to reach the total number of modes, N.

For this reason. the most important starting load vectors should be specified first, especially if the number of starting load vectors is not much smaller than the total number of modes. Acceleration Loads. The program automatically computes six acceleration loads. The loads are determined by d'Alembert's principal, and are denoted mux, muy, muz, mrx, mry, and mrz, respectively. The translational loads are used for applying ground. Ritz- vector analysis. The translational and rotational loads are used for calculating.

The applied ground acceleration is assumed to be uniform. The response- spectrum and time- history displacements resulting from acceleration loads are always relative to. The acceleration loads are computed for each joint and. The translational acceleration loads for the joints are simply equal to the negative of the joint translational masses in the joint local coordinate.

These loads are transformed to the global coordinate system. The acceleration loads for the elements are the same in each direction and are equal to the negative of the element. Rotational accelerations cause rotational loads at each. Translational loads are also created at the joints and are equal to the negative of the translational mass times the. The acceleration loads can be transformed into any. In the global system, the acceleration loads along the positive X, Y, and Z axes are denoted UX, UY, UZ, RX, RY, and RZ, respectively.

In a local coordinate system defined for. U1, U2, U3, R1, R2, and R3. It. focuses on aspects of public works like transportation, water treatment, government buildings, public facilities such as airports and train stations, and other large scale projects which benefit.

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