Downloadable Animated Screensavers

Free Animated Screensavers for Download. All screensavers on this site are free to download and when we say free we mean COMPLETELY FREE! There are no hidden payments and no expiry dates, just fun and interesting screensavers for you to enjoy on your computer for free. All the screensavers here are created and animated with flash actionscript. They feature a range of themes including seasonal, winter, christmas, easter, digital art, fish, aquariums and animated creatures. For a full list of all the downloadable screensavers on this site see the complete free screensaver list.

Also, all the products here are virus checked, spyware checked and adware checked. There are no unwanted programs you are forced to install either! I can create special, one- off, customized, animated screensavers and wallpapers for any business. Please contact me for details.

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Enjoy a feast of Christmas animation, music, games & activities with Jacquie Lawson's new animated Advent Calendar. Decorate your computer screen with beautiful flags of the world waving in the wind. All 3D animated flags in one screen saver, including Canadian, Australian.

Downloadable Animated Screensavers

All the screensavers on this site are original and non- commercial products. They have been created and animated using the Adobe Flash software package. The Flash programming language, called Actionscript, has been used extensively to create screensavers that do not follow standard patterns and conventions.

Every time a screensaver is started, a program will run that will use a number of random calculations to create different effects on- screen. All the screensavers here feature some sort of random element or influence, resulting in something more organic, something different every time the saver runs, something that approximates to the randomness and chaos of life itself. The vines will never grow the same way, The spider will never scuttle in exactly the same direction and the tree will never have the same arrangement of branches.

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