Download Update Mac Os X 10.6.3

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Download Update Mac Os X 10.6.3

Looking for iTunes for Mac or PC? Return to this page on your Mac or PC for the free download of iTunes. Email yourself a link to the download page.

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Switch between sub- stream on a multiple camera view (more. Update remote configuration to be compatible with. VMS- 2. 00. 0 V2. Support SADP V3. 0 protocol; 5. Merge multiple video clips into one file (4. GB maximum). when download by time. Support Hikvision new DDNS; 7.

Compabile with DS- 7. HFI- SE, DS- 7. 3xx. HFI- ST and. DS- 9.

NI- ST series new products. VMS- 4. 20. 0 PCNVR. EN v. 1. 0. 3. 0. Mb) -  . Compatible to Netra v. USA GUI firmware. Support fisheye camera DS- 2. CD6. 2xx connecting with Netra NVR.

Support de- warping fisheye camera records in playback. In multiple- channel live view, support automatically connecting to.

In multiple- channel live view, support disconnecting sub stream when. Default. setting is disabled. Resolved issues: 1. Fixed the incompatibility of user rights between Windows client and. Mac client. 2. Fixed the time zone problem regarding the Instant Playback and. Remote Playback. i. VMS- 4. 20. 0 Client Multi.

V2. 0. 2. 0. 3. 0. Mb) -  . Support 3. PTZ dome cameras in the PTZ. Control interface, while 2. Support PTZ operation for Ezviz devices( devices connected by Ezviz. PTZ function)3. Support speed dome linkage for selected fisheye camera (Right click. Start Speed Dome Linkage)4.

Support batch wiper control for selected PTZ dome. Remote. Playback: 1. Search out the related videos according to device’s PTZ details. VCA playback. Device. Management: 1. Support multi scenarios for intrusion detection and line crossing. Support PTZ lock when configure intrusion detection and line.

When login to the device by default password, it will pop up prompts. Add sudden decrease of sound intensity triggers alarm. Add new recording type as intelligent recording for ids devices. Add VQD triggers alarm, if the device support VQD function and. VQD trigger alarm option, then ivms- 4. Modify: Main. View: 1. Fix the problem the real cycle time differs with the set cycle time.

Change title of fisheye expansion page, add the instructions of. When users switch multi view to single view mode, it will disable. Device. Management: 1. Fix the software crash problem when delete the added device. Change the color of schedule recording on ivms- 4. Remote. Playback: 1. Change the fisheye menu logic, no matter the selected device support.

Add 3 mounting modes in the playback page, users can choose. Fix the problem users can only search and playback the video till to.

PC time if the PC time is within device system time. Other: 1. Fix the crash problem on windows 8 via the updated SADP module. Fix the problem of motion detection triggers the alarm output failure.

Add triggered cameras linkage configuration for the defocus detection. Change rights descriptions & delete the email and hotline. VMS- 4. 20. 0 Client Multi.

V2. 0. 3. 0. 0. 0. Mb) -  . Support devices activation; 2. Password level (Risk/Weak/Medium/Strong) prompts; 3.

Support super NVR series (9. NI- E); 4. Smart 2.

Behavior Events, VCA. Add Road Traffic module; 6. Support new OS (running environment): Windows Server 2. Windows. Server 2. R2 (6. 4- bit system). Otherwise it will cause storage.

After installation, users need to configure. VMS- 4. 20. 0 EN for Linux OS x. Mb) - . Support Mac OS X 1. Support receiving alarm from smart IPC, alarm types contain. While remote. configuration of traverse plane, intrusion and ROI should be setup. VMS- 4. 20. 0 EN for Apple. MAC v. 1. 0. 2. 0.

Mb) - . Support MAC 1. OS; 2. New remote configuration lib is supported; 3.

Compatible with devices released earlier than Feb. ROI is not included.)4. Smart IPC alarm is supported. Modified: N/ABug.

Issues: 1 The 8x play speed and 4x play speed is similar. The right- click menu on live view is not available if the MAC OS. Client crashes when multiple users operating at the same time. Client crashes. Plug- in for Mac OS v. Mb) - . Compatible with MAC OS 1. Comptabile with Netra series NVR (DS- 9. ST, DS- 7. 7xx. NI- s.

P) USA. GUI firmware v. DS- 7. 6xx. NI- SE/(8)P USA GUI firmware v. Pending Issue: 1. Skype Application Free Download For Nokia C3. Do not support audio live view for analog camera.

Do not support 2- way audio. Mobile DVR MVA (Mobile Video. Analysis) v. 3. 0 (6. Mb) -  . SADP IP- finder (Search Active Device.

Protocol) v. 2. 2. Build 2. 01. 50. 42. Mb) - . SADP IP- finder (Search Active Device.

Protocol) v. 3. 0. Mb) - . Hikvision Disk Space Calculator. Kb) - . Hikvision File Converter.

Mb) - . Support 3. D De- interlace. 2.

Support video from DS- 9. DS- 9. 10. 0 series devices. Support video from DS- 8. DS- 7. 10. 0 series devices. Support video from Hikvision IP cameras. V6. 0. 0. 2 (2. 01.