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ANSI. SYS - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. ANSI. SYS is a device driver in the DOS family of operating systems that provides extra console functions through ANSI escape sequences. It is partially based upon a subset of the text terminal control standard proposed by the ANSI X3. L2 Technical Committee on Codes and Character Sets (the .

ANSI. SYS may also be loaded into upper memory via DEVICEHIGH/HIDEVICE./K use extended keyboard BIOS functions (INT 1. L force number of lines/R adjust line scrolling to support screen readers/S or /SCREENSIZE set screensize/X support redefinition of extended key codes independent of standard codes. Functionality. Using this driver, programs that write to the standard output can make use of the 1. VGA- compatible text mode, make text blink, change the location of the cursor on the screen, and blank the screen. It also allows for the changing of the video mode from standard 8.

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Several companies made third- party replacements that interface directly with the video memory, in a similar way to most DOS programs that have a full- screen user interface. By default, the internal DOS command CLS works by directly calling the corresponding BIOS function to clear the screen, thereby prominently violating the hardware abstraction model otherwise maintained.

Bob Watson's Home Page: If you should have any comments or suggestions, please contact: Bob Watson. This page last revised: September 2, 2000. A command line syntax checker tool for VBScript and Classic ASP files based on the Syntax Check of the Windows Script Host (Wscript.exe). There are seven main ways of getting user input. Not all work on all systems! Windows Scripting should work on Win98 and newer, and on Win95 if scripting is installed.

Skip to: Preparation Archived from groups: microsoft.public.windowsxp.basics I have a text file encoded as Windows Cyrillic. But it is always displayed as Windows Western. DOS: Config.sys and autoexec.bat 1. The config.sys commands - 2. Commands from the autoexec.bat - 3. Memory management - 4. Examples of standard configuration - 5. ANSI.SYS can be loaded and used from the command prompt, with therestriction that it can run only in the context of the MS-DOS subsystem.Windows NT does.

However, if an ANSI driver is detected by the DR- DOSCOMMAND. COM, it will instead send the control sequence defined in the reserved environment variable$CLS to the attached console device. Due to the difficulties to define environment variables containing binary data COMMAND. COM also accepts a special \nnn notation for octal numbers. They are also supported by the command interpreters in Concurrent DOS, Multiuser DOS and REAL/3. VT5. 2 rather than ANSI control sequences by default (e. ESC E). Keyboard remapping.

Using special escape sequences, the user can define any keystroke that has a character- code mapping to simulate an arbitrary sequence of such keystrokes. This feature was also used by evildoers to create simple trojans out of text files laced with nefarious keyboard remaps, known as . A number of products were released to protect users against this: Some antivirus utilities contained functionality to ensure that, for example, the F3 function key isn't remapped to DEL *.* or FORMAT C: and the N- key (for no) isn't remapped to Y. IBM PC DOS and DR- DOS.

ANSI. SYS was required to run some software that used its cursor and color control functions. It could also be used to enable elaborate color codes in the COMMAND. COM prompt. These uses were overshadowed by the use of ANSI. SYS in BBSes; ANSI escape sequences were used to enable BBSes to send elaborate text graphics more elaborate than ASCII art, and to control the cursor in ways that were used in a number of online games and similar features. Features. The ANSI standard also defines an alternative single- byte CSI code 0x. B, which is not supported by ANSI. SYS. Standard DOS ANSI.

SYS drivers support only the following sub- set of ANSI escape sequences: Sequence. Effect. ESC . They are not generally supported by ANSI consoles in other operating systems. Sequence. Effect. ESC . Under Multiuser DOS, the only valid argument in conjunction with PCTERM is 7.^ ab.

Arguments 0,1,2 are only supported and distinguished by Japanese versions of MS- DOS and PC DOS ANSI. SYS. Western issues of ANSI. SYS will not support or not distinguish between them. They are, however, also supported by Multiuser DOS.^ abcd. Lead- in prefix '> ' is only supported in Japanese versions of MS- DOS, PC DOS and DR- DOS ANSI. SYS to access special Japanese display modes.^This non- standard escape sequence is only supported by MS- DOS and PC DOS ANSI. SYS. It can be used to enable or disable extended keyboard support at runtime similar to the ANSI.

SYS/X startup option.^ ab. These non- standand escape sequences to insert and delete lines are only supported by Japanese versions of MS- DOS and PC DOS.

They are also supported by Western issues of Multiuser DOS, but not by DR- DOS.^ ab. These non- standard escape sequences to switch between the Korean and English keyboard input modes are only supported by Korean versions of MS- DOS, PC DOS and DR- DOS ANSI. SYS.^ ab. These non- standard escape sequences to disable and reenable any output to the CON: device are supported by ANSI.

SYS of DR- DOS 7. They are used to mute the console output during boot, for example in conjunction with DR- Web.

DDB: DOS Batch File Tips. Outline a Prospective File. Be sure to include what.

Then compose the file. If you've used a word processor and failed to save the file. This is helpful. when viewing or editing a file at a later date when you've forgotten what.

Start. with a basic file and build upon that. Try. this batch file segment under differing conditions and when the correct. When these are correct.

BACKUP section. Finally, combine each segment into a cohesive. This is similar to how an interior decorator might use parts of. Essentially, these segments become part of your. Nero 8 Trial Version Free Keygen here.

Then there. will usually be an . The last line might contain the. If enough files you compose contain. Set its attribute to. Then write a batch file to call this file into your favourite. When finished, save it under the name of your. For more on this technique, see.

DOS Tips. That could cause problems under. I also. place a space after the double colon. This gives an extra degree of. You may also be interested in the lesson on. DOS Characters.).

An alternative to the above is to use GOTO statements. This makes for a.

DOS to have to re- read the file to look. Despite the re- read, this technique could.

As such, no error messages will ever be produced because DOS never. However, it will read them, so be aware that excessive. Indenting. is useful for sub- routine sections, although some programmers indent all. Neither blank lines nor indents affect the running of. This could be upper, lower, or.

Indenting for certain purposes. This allows one to fall. These similar. batch files will have exactly the same layout. This is good for later.

In fact, the simplest, basic batch. Now some things such as percent signs and. Couple this with making use of. Without any further input, such batch files can make. You may apply the same idea. Think of each as a word in a sentence. To eliminate any.

That way, there is no. I prefer to use separate slashes, again for faster. This is especially so when. Some use words, others. Single letter switches stand out more. This not only makes for that easier read, but for a. Learn those times and obey the.

The times will be few, though, so don't obsess over this. If there are excessive labels, it will take DOS slightly longer. This won't matter with fast. As such, it is best to be in the habit of writing. In. particular, with 4. DOS' . btm batch files, the entire file is read into memory. GOTO is. encountered.

Even then, the re- reads are not done from disc, but from. This makes for an easier read and easier debugging at a. It also helps when trying to understand the flow of a batch. Since the labels are never referenced by GOTO statements, DOS. It simply reads past them as it does in the. However, I. prefer to reserve that for comments and use labels for each section of code. Yes, I know it's only the difference of one colon, but I am.

Also, I can input `: :' for a text editor search and find. This is. useful at the start of a batch file to prevent .

It might even appear to the user that the computer has locked up if. A message could say. Update Operation In Progress - Please Stand By.. Use tabs to place messages.

Long messages tend to. As well. long messages may wrap at awkward points especially if the batch file is. Doing this before & after a message separates it from. DOS prompt. You may make such. Then it waits for user input. Pressing a. key will resume the batch file operations. See farther on.).

Use the SHIFT Command when more than. Nine Parameters are Required.

This way, a tenth parameter becomes #9 and may be accessed. Issuing SHIFT again makes %9 equal to what. The limit is only. The syntax. would be something such as: CHOICE /C: d /N /Td,6.

The `/C' switch shows the available choices. See the `/T' switch option of CHOICE in your DOS documentation. You may also wish to reserve certain colours for specific. A warning message might be in red; a cautionary message in. Colour is ideal if there are multiple messages. It more easily allows the viewer to.

Lines and boxes may even be drawn to. So, as an example, if the MOVE command is to be used. This means that a command will act upon.

This is good. because if the batch file were to inadvertently be run in a wrong. Unintended files might even be. Directing DOS to the place where you want actions to. Instead, place them in their own batch file and refer to it at the. This saves a lot of typing.

Plus, should you change this. If it's to be. used often, place it in its own . DOS to display it as necessary. Again, if a change is required, it will.

Batch File Utilities. A real FRQ (Frequently Recurring Question) is about sending key strokes to Windows GUI style programs.

I'm sorry to tell you it cannot be done in batch language itself! But do not despair yet, Jonathan Bennett's Auto.

It and Chris Mallett's Auto. Hotkey to the rescue.. Another FRQ is renaming log files with their date and time. Have a look at Ren.

TS by Kees Hiemstra, and Real. Date by Gabor Funk.

Next in the FRQ charts is the question . DELOLD by Hans- Georg Michna deletes files older than the specified number of days.

Or try DELOLD by Kees Hiemstra. Microsoft's DEVCON command line utility alternative to device manager is capable of installing, removing or listing devices and drivers.

Eject Pn. P hardware devices with C'T's Dev. Eject. A powerful tool, which can eject devices by their description, device ID or drive letter. Use CPAU to run commands in an alternate security context. Basically this is a RUNAS replacement.

BATCHMAN: general purpose batch file enhancer, by Michael J. Mefford. BG: 3. 2- bit replacement for most BATCHMAN fumctions, by Carlos M. ANSI. COM: ANSI. SYS replacement that can be loaded and unloaded in batch files, by Michael J. Mefford. Make your batch files truly interactive with the Wizard's Apprentice, a flexible tool that can create any type of dialog box you could ever wish for. Several UNIX utilities (cut, du, egrep, sed, tee and many more) are now available for Windows too. More UNIX utilities (cut, du, tee and many more) for Windows.

XSET: extended SET instruction, by Marc Stern. Everything you always wanted to put in an environment variable but were afraid to ask DOS, Windows, NT or OS/2 for . Check out EKKO, an ECHO enhancement that can process almost every PROMPT function including coloured text (even without ANSI driver). Frank Westlake's Miscellaneous Freeware for Windows or Windows NT, with amongst others TEE (both redirect and display standard output simultaneously), PASTE (nice complement to CLIP from the NT Resource Kit), RECYCLE (use the Recycle Bin instead of permanent deletion) and POPUP (display messages in a popup messagebox). Find the current batch file's Process ID with Daniel Scheibli's Get.

PIDs. INI tools at Eric Phelps' INI Tools page. Daniel Lohmann's Freeware- Tools for NTSys. Internals's Ps. Tools include (amongst others) Ps. List and Ps. Kill, meant to list and kill processes on any PC in the NT network. Extremely useful for killing noisy applications on locked PCs ; -)Beyond Logic's Shutdown for NT/2. XP has several useful features that Microsoft's own SHUTDOWN tools lack, like the option to prevent shutdown action occurring on logged- on computers giving your users the flexibly to run lengthy processes overnight without being disturbed.

Gibson Research's Wizmo is a collection of tools integrated in a single package. Among its functions are shutdown, reboot, hibernate and logoff. Four batch file compilers. BFC or Batch File Compiler by Brandon Dargo. Bat. 2Exec, by Doug Boling. Bat. Lite, by Pieter A. Hintjens, and. Quick Batch File Compiler by Abyssmedia.

Be aware, that compilers may not understand all the magic you are performing in batch files. Use standard commands only, if possible, and forget about undocumented DOS features. BFC and QBFC offer both Win.

DOS6 compilation and handle NT's extended command switches very well, the others are for . Souvestre's SLEEP can be used to wait for a relative or absolute time. Savill. Tech's Cmd. Info displays system information for Windows 3. Several batch file utilities by Solid Oak Software.

From these utilities, WEEKOFYR. COM is used in my week number batch file. For those who do not want to spend a lot of time making their date or time dependent batch files language independent, there is Err. Time, by Phil Money, Advantig Engineering & Design.

Separate executables are available for DOS, OS/2, NT and Novell Netware (NLM). Err. Time returns an errorlevel for hour, minute, day of week, year, etcetera, depending on the command line parameter specified. You'll have to add Y2. K compliance to your batch files by yourself, though, since there aren't enough DOS error levels to make the year a four digit number. Download several Windows Server 2. Resource Kit Tools for free from Microsoft's web site.

My own Caps. Lock utility returns the Caps. Lock status as an.