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Church Goods and News. Faith. Database. Most. Complete Searchable Catholic Faith Database Software for PCPrice: $3. ORDER HEREProduct.

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Summary. Search over 1. Bible Translations, hundreds of early Church doctrines, and over.

Christianity all at one time. Read what the Fathers and Doctors wrote about any particular passage in Scripture. Know how to defend your Faith using quotes from the Scripture and Early Church. Fathers. Contains over 1. Introduction : 3 Ways to Use The Faith Database.

Search the disk on your computer. Print unlimited copies. Download to your PDA2.

Years of Christian History. Bible Translations. Council Documents from all 2. Ecumenical Councils. Early Church writings.

Doctors of the Church. John Henry Newman. GK Chesterton. 13. Papal writings/encyclicals. The Old Catholic Encyclopedia (1. Many classics including Gibbons' .

Thomas Aquinas (The Summa)Early. Church Fathers. St. Augustine's Confessions. Irenaeus' Against Heresies. St. John Chrysostom's Commentaries. Papal. Writings / Encyclicals. Humanae Vitae. Theology of the Body.

Veritatis Splendor. Bible. Study Translations of The Bible. Several public domain Bible translations are included with the Faith Database.

Douay- Rheims, the King James Version, and several copyrighted. You can search all of the translations from the Faith Database. Internet access to read the copyrighted translations. Search Bible Texts. You can search for words and phrases or specific passages within any or all.

Bible Translations. Select. from over a dozen formats to export. Excel, HTML, TIFF, BMP, PNG, GIF, JPEG. PDF, Open Office, RTF, Word, XFF, XPS.

Bible. Translations. More than ten Bible translations are included with the Faith Database, including. Douay- Rheims and the King James Version.

Ecumenical. Council Documents. You can search documents from all 2. Ecumenical Councils and several local councils. Chesterton. Complete writings of these two literary greats. Magisterium. Over 1. Papal writings and Encyclicals to search from.

Conversion. Stories. Access a large collection of conversion stories. Catholic. Encyclopedia. Spyware Doctor Download 2012 here.

A true classic is now at your fingertips. Testimonials. Tim Staples, Apologist! The Bible cross- referenced with.

Church Fathers, and much more. It is hard to believe that. Download the Faith Database Patch. Faith Database Patch #3 (1. MB, 2/9/2. 01. 1, contains. Patches #1 and #2) Save file for possible future needs. The. disk keeps spinning when I am trying to install.

Why doesn't the Installation. Wizard display? In. Installation Wizard can take up to 1.

I. have Windows 7 and I'm having problems with installing the software completely. How. do I download to my PDA or cell phone? Click on the writer and the book you wish to export.

Click on the “Print Preview/Export” button. Click “Yes” to export entire book. Click “No” to export to PDA. Be patient, this step may take several. A file will be created with the same name as the title in the following directory. C: \FDB\Export\Book.

Use Active. Sync or other software your PDA uses to transfer files to the PDA. Open the file you transferred/emailed using your Internet Browser. When. will the new Mac version be available?

The. Mac version is still under development. If. I must reinstall what are the correct steps to do so? Delete C: \FDB folder.

Reinstall. Will. I lose my Bookmarks if I uninstall my Faith Database software? Yes. you will. Here is what you can do to save your Bookmarks: Find and copy these files, located at C: \FDB, to a safe place before you uninstall: usercat. After. you reinstall you will need to copy these files back to the FDB directory. Do. I need to store the Faith Database at the default directory, or may I store.

For. a successful installation process it is necessary to store the Faith Database. C. This is the default directory. Some of the writings are downloaded from. C: \FDB folder. I.

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