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Buffalo Linkstation Live Bittorrent Setup

Discover our full range of 1 bay NAS desktop Network Attached Storage from Buffalo, Synology and QNAP all at great prices with fast delivery January 7th, 2014 by Lyle Smith Buffalo Announces New Storage Solutions. Buffalo Technology has announced new storage solutions at the 2014 International.

Cheap 2 Bay NAS Desktop Storage UK Deals. If you are building or upgrading a business network getting the right Network Attached Storage solution is essential.

Discover our full range of 2 bay NAS desktop storage from Buffalo, Synology and QNAP all at great prices with fast delivery Introduction Congratulations on your new LinkStation! This user manual is intended to assist you in configuring it. Themes For Windows 7 Home Basic Free Download 2012 Hd on this page. Because we’re constantly updating our products.

Stream your favourite music and videos directly from the Link. Station Pro Duo to a computer, PS3, Xbox 3. DLNA or UPn. P media player or Buffalo Link. Theater. With ultra fast data transfer speeds, the Buffalo Link. Station Pro Duo is a high performance dual drive that can be configured in RAID 0 for performance or RAID 1 for redundant storage. If a drive does fail, you have a copy of your data on the second drive.

Easy to install, the Buffalo Link. Station Pro Duo lets you store and share your music, photos, and videos in your home or small office. Access and share your multimedia collection from anywhere at any time using Buffalo’s Web. Access, the feature that allows users to easily stream digital content stored on any Buffalo network storage solution from anyway in the world via a Web browser, or using the newly announced free Web. Access- i app, via an i. Phone, i. Pad or i. Pod touch. Store, share and save with the Buffalo Link.

All listed HDD have SATA III (Gbs) interface. Buffalo recommends using the same product model in all populated bays. Original data saved on the added. LinkStation is Buffalo’s range of NAS for home and small office use, while the TeraStation is for professional and business use with iSCSI.