Advanced System Optimizer Review 2. PROS /. It freed up an average of 4. GB of data on our hard drive. This PC system utility has a system cleaner, game optimizer, driver updater, system protector and disk optimizer. While it didn't perform well in our tests, it has a lot of advanced tools to help you maintain your PC's overall health.

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For our review, we tested each of the PC system utility software applications on our lineup to evaluate its ability to diagnose, repair and optimize our test PC. We used PCMark 8 to benchmark the test PC's performance both before and after optimization. The performance looked primarily at word and data processing, graphics processing, web browsing speed and video chat quality.

We also measured the improvement to boot- up speed and the diagnosis consistency. After all of our tests, Advanced System Optimizer only recorded an overall improvement of 3. This was due in large part to the dip in graphics processing, which slowed down by 2. However, even the best PC system utility application in our review only recorded an overall improvement of 1. The average improvement to the boot- up speed was 6. This improvement represents a few seconds at most. In comparison, the best boot- up speed improvement in our tests was almost 3.

This PC cleaner tool managed to free up an average of 4. GB of storage by cleaning out unnecessary files. This app recovered more storage than any other PC cleaner application in our review.

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  4. Though PC Optimizer’s optimization and cleaning features seem to work, it spares no effort in trying to upsell you and get you to call the company’s phone.
  5. Free PC Optimizer cleans and optimizes your pc. Best pc optimizer fixes registry errors and delete internet junk files and cookies to protect your privacy and pc.

The average amount of storage that most apps recovered was just 1. GB. While 4. 5. GB doesn't seem like a lot of storage, it represents hundreds of photos and documents. Advanced System Optimizer had a diagnostic consistency score of 8. We determined this score by recording the number of issues the app diagnosed in a scan. Then we fixed the issues and ran additional scans. To be consistent, the app shouldn't recognize more issues immediately after fixing all the issues it previously diagnosed. We ran nearly 3. 0 rounds of diagnostic- consistency tests, and this app consistently found additional issues.

However, at 8. 5. Advanced System Optimizer's consistency was still above average. For ease of use, Advanced System Optimizer received an A in our evaluation, making it one of the easiest apps for a novice computer user to use.

PC Doc Pro, software that acts as registry cleaner, PC Doctor, solves computer pc problems, shows full pc diagnostics, solves pc problems, pc check-up. Swift PC Optimizer is a powerful combination of PC cleaner and registry cleaner utilities that will help you to clean and optimize your windows based computer system. Wise Registry Cleaner Free Registry Cleaner and Optimizer. Clean registry junks, repair Windows errors, and keep your PC at peak performance.

It has an older interface that hasn't changed in years, but it's effective. Each feature has a description of what it does so you don't run them unnecessarily. Summary. Systweak's Advanced System Optimizer was the weakest performer in our tests, only improving our test PC by an average of 3. However, it recovered the most storage of any product we tested, and the diagnostic consistency was above average.

In addition, the interface is among the easiest to use.

Best Free PC Registry Cleaner Software Download. Sportline Scale User Manual on this page.

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The aim is to make this type of professional solution available to all computer users regardless of technical knowledge. Safe PC Cleaner checks and repairs all issues in your registry that can slow down your PC’s speed such as remnants left behind on your registry from failed installations, incomplete un- installations, disabled drivers, and spyware applications. Safe PC Cleaner’s Safe. Clean technology has an inbuilt automatic PC Optimizer function and you can confidently clean and optimize you PC’s performance in minutes.