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Tetrode - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. A tetrode is a vacuum tube (called valve in British English) having four active electrodes. The four electrodes in order from the centre are: a thermionic cathode, first and second grids and a plate. There are several varieties of tetrodes, the most common being the screen- grid tube and the beam tetrode. In screen- grid tubes and beam tetrodes, the first grid is the control grid and the second grid is the screen grid. During the period 1.

All had a normal control grid whose function was to act as a primary control for current passing through the tube, but they differed according to the intended function of the other grid. In order of historical appearance these are: the space- charge grid tube, the bi- grid valve, and the screen- grid tube. The last of these appeared in two distinct variants with different areas of application: the screen- grid valve proper, which was used for medium- frequency, small signal amplification, and the beam tetrode which appeared later, and was used for audio or radio- frequency power amplification. The former was quickly superseded by the rf pentode, while the latter was initially developed as an alternative to the pentode as an audio power amplifying device.

The beam tetrode was also developed as a high power radio transmitting tube. Tetrodes were widely used in many consumer electronic devices such as radios, televisions, and audio systems until transistors replaced valves in the 1. Beam tetrodes have remained in use until quite recently in power applications such as audio amplifiers and radio transmitters. How it works. A current through the heater or filament heats the cathode, which causes it to emit electrons by thermionic emission. A positive voltage is applied between the plate and cathode, causing a flow of electrons from the cathode to plate through the two grids. A varying voltage applied to the control grid can control this current, causing variations in the plate current.

With a resistive or other load in the plate circuit, the varying current will result in a varying voltage at the plate. With proper biasing, this voltage will be an amplified (but inverted) version of the AC voltage applied to the control grid, thus the tetrode can provide voltage gain. In the tetrode, the function of the other grid varies according to the type of tetrode; this is discussed below. Space charge grid tube. In the course of his research into the action of the . This cloud acted as a virtual cathode. With low applied anode voltage, many of the electrons in the space charge returned to the cathode, and did not contribute to the anode current; only those at its outer limit would be affected by the electric field due to the anode, and would be accelerated towards it.

However, if a grid bearing a low positive applied potential (about 1. V) were inserted between the cathode and the control grid, the space charge could be made to extend further away from the cathode. This had two advantageous effects, both related to the influence of the electric fields of the other electrodes (anode and control grid) on the electrons of the space charge. Firstly, a significant increase in anode current could be achieved with low anode voltage; the valve could be made to work well with lower applied anode voltage.

Secondly the transconductance (rate of change of anode current with respect to control grid voltage) of the tube was increased. The latter effect was particularly importance since it increased the voltage gain available from the valve. The same principle was applied to other types of multi- grid tubes such as pentodes.

As an example, the Sylvania 1. K5 is described as . It is intended for service as a power amplifier driver where the potentials are obtained directly from a 1. V automobile battery. For example, the General Electric FP5. It is designed particularly for amplification of direct currents smaller than about 1. It has a current amplification factor of 2.

V. The first example to appear in Britain was the Marconi- Osram FE1, which was designed by H. J. Round, and became available in 1. The rf signal was applied to one control grid, and the af signal to the other.

This type of tetrode was used in many imaginative ways in the period before the appearance of the screen- grid valve revolutionised receiver design. This is recognisable as an AM telephony transmitter in which the second grid and the anode form a power oscillator, and the first grid acts as a modulating electrode.