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  3. We’ve rounded up some of the best shooting games on iPhone for those that always need a target. We’ve got the full gamut here, ranging from simple 2D retro games.
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  5. Heroes of Dragon Age View More Dragon Age Games; Dead Space for iPhone, and iPad View More Dead Space Games; Mass Effect: Infiltrator for iPad and iPhone.

Defend Your Nu.. The second game is back, defend your nuts from the invaders, use your mo.. Methus TDEvil forces are attacking your kingdom, buy powerups and shoot spells at.. Tank Guardians. Place your tanks, control, repair them and go to the battle of your life.. Tesla Defense. Use your powerful cannon to protect your world from deadly invaders, pla.. Clash of the W.. The invaders are attacking your kingdom, protect your city by upgrading .. Penguins Attack 4.

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The well know sequel- Penguins Attack is here again with more upgrades, .. Lucky and Amy. Lucky and Amy is great defense game designed for kids, use your power ca.. New Age of Def.. Defend your castle from attack on both sides, use weapons, spells, effec.. The Fruit Defense. Waves of enemies are coming to attack your fruit base, use massive struc..

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The next category is: AG Drive. Compared to some of the other racing games we look at below, AG Drive takes a relatively traditional view of futuristic racing: all zooming spaceships and massive metal tracks akin to giant looping roller- coasters that leave your heart in your mouth. It's a dazzling game, with animated environments and gorgeous lighting effects that make everything feel alive. But mostly you'll stay for the racing. When immersed in the game, you can try your luck in one- off time- trials and single races, or work your way through a career, gradually upgrading your craft as you go. Just try not to gawp at a Mars sunrise as you speed on to yet another loop, or you'll soon find rivals blazing past. You zoom your way around hyper- real tracks, occasionally animated with a launching shuttle or a massive ferry to leap over and totally not crash into. Ball Download Game Take there.

Crashy moments should instead be saved for rival cars, ramming them while nitroing; this, naturally, rewards you with more nitro. Asphalt just can't get enough of nitro.

The only dent in this bonkers driving game's otherwise fine frame is its business model. Gameloft and freemium equates to IAP and ads. But the latter are infrequent and the former can be avoided if you're happy grinding a bit - and given the madcap, glorious courses on offer, who wouldn't want to play them again and again?

Craig Grannell. FREE + IAP . Crazy Taxi is like a time machine for your i. OS device, assaulting your eyes with graphics that looked pretty hot 1. So why are we recommending the game? Because Crazy Taxi was, is, and will always be, superb. You choose your driver, pick up passengers, and barrel about city streets, leaping over cars, weaving in and out of traffic, hurtling from the top of car parks, and doing whatever it takes to shave a few seconds off of your fare's journey.

It's exhilarating, hugely replayable, and absurdly fun. But this cruelly overlooked overhead racer is one of the most compelling we've played on i. OS. Dinky cars barge their way along vertically scrolling tracks, getting all smashy in an attempt to reach their goal. At first, your car is underpowered and fragile, but as you improve your position, you can buy upgrades (only with earned in- game currency - there's no IAP here). Eventually, you'll be kicking bottom racking up wins, at which point you can take on the next championship level.

There's also a split- screen multiplayer mode, if you think you've got what it takes to beat your friends. Only this time you need to contend with another driver on the road: yourself, screaming recklessly across the map in the first car. This repeats until the screen is chocka with high- speed illustrations of your own inability to drive.

There are so many neat touches: the funny little snapshots of each commuter's life and why they're in a hurry; the dangerous ramps, jumps and shortcuts that you're encouraged to use in order to avoid traffic, but which nearly always end in disaster; the desperate rush to beat the clock and pick up the extra- time powerups; and, best of all, the challenge of adapting to a vehicle that handles completely differently within a space of seconds. It's free, too, but on the same terms as Smash Hit: in other words, you can play for free but you can't save at any of the checkpoints until you upgrade to the Premium version, which costs . We think it's worth it, but have a try and see for yourself. Along the way you collect coins and fuel.

Drive too slowly and you'll run out of petrol; drive too quick and you'll inevitably flip the Jeep over and snap the poor hillbilly's neck. Using your coins (plus bonus cash from jumps and flips) you can upgrade your engine, tyres, suspension and 4x. There are also 1. You can earn a fair amount of coins by playing the game, but you'll quickly realise that to unlock most of the levels and vehicles you'll have to use the in- app purchases to buy coins. It's perfectly possible to play Hill Climb Racing without spending money, though.

The 5. 0 Best i. Phone Games (Summer 2. If you’re a gamer, there is no better phone to buy than the i.

Phone. The i. Phone 6/6. S and i. Phone 6/6. S Plus brought bigger screens to i. OS, but it’s the success of the App Store that makes the i.

Phone such a great platform for gaming. With well over a million apps available, the gaming options on i. Phone are nearly limitless. But finding the best ones isn’t always easy.

In the sea of games for the i. Phone, some are worth your 9. We’ve taken on the burden of sorting through the endless wave of titles to bring you some of our favorite i.

Phone games for everyone from the intense console gamer to the casual word puzzle enthusiast. When custodian Joe Average encounters a dying man, he finds himself in the midst of a time travel plot to save mankind. It’s an understated thriller with unique paper aesthetic. Available on: i. Tunes. Truly a genre of its own making, the short Botanicula has you work to save a tree from evil parasites as an ethereal, bug- like being. The clever puzzles and stellar music compliment the vivid visuals.

Available on: i. Tunes. A terrific, touch- controlled platform game, Limbo is a stunning saga of a boy who wanders through a haunting industrial jungle. There’s no explanation, no dialogue, and no shortage of horrendous surprises. Available on: i. Tunes. This point- and- click exclusive combines Swedish folklore with a sleek minimal design. It’s terrifying and stylized beautifully, with a mature storyline sure to propel you through its short duration. Available on: i. Tunes.

Although set in the same universe as the blockbuster AMC show, Telltale’s title is more about characters, exploration, and quick- wit puzzles than mindlessly killing zombies with the closest boomstick. Available on: i. Tunes. Guide two very different brothers on an epic and emotional journey to save their father. This is beautiful storytelling married to compelling gameplay.

Available on: i. Tunes. Can you catch 6. 0’s super spy Ruby La Rouge? This is a stylish adventure, packed with puzzles, that never gets too challenging. Available on: i. Tunes.

Descend into the mysterious darkness of a well with your trusty gun boots on, in this cleverly- designed, vertically- scrolling action adventure. Available on: i. Tunes.